Thursday, April 21, 2011

U.S. Business Visa (B1) Experience

The documents that my husband carried for his B1 interview are :

1. Port of entry letter
2. HR letter (cover letter)
3. Passport
4. IT return of 3 years
5. Salary account statements (6 months)
6. Salary slips (3 months)
7. PAN card
8. Social security number card (not necessary but in case if you have this then carry it with you)
9. Travel itinerary
10. Visa interview letter , HDFC blue receipt , confirmation page

His interview was very short. He was asked about his company name and what did the company do , where did he go in the U.S. when he was given J1 visa and he was issued his B1 visa!!

For a more detailed procedure from the visa application stage to interview please check here: US Tourist Visa (B2) Experience

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