Monday, November 21, 2011

(Big) Baby's Day Out-Dallas Zoo experience

Few days back when I was in Austin, I saw the movie Baby's Day Out. It was not the first time that I saw the movie, but it is such a beautiful movie, that every time I see it , I find it totally adorable. So that is why my today's little trip is called (Big) Baby's Day Out!! Here it goes:
It is a lovely bright morning outside. When I removed the curtain of my hotel room at the 18th floor, I could see the farthest bridge outside clearly. There was no cloud at all. What a great day to go out for a small picnic!! So we reached the Dallas Zoo at 11:30 a.m (it is open daily from 9:00 am to 4 pm). As soon as you come closer to the zoo , a huge 60 plus ft statue of giraffe will greet you at the entrance of the zoo. Buy your tickets ( its $ 12 per person for adults) and you are in!! Now take the map in your hand  and the day is yours. We decided to go for the large animals first and hence we took the tunnel towards the Wilds of Savana. And from here starts the colder part of the zoo.

The small penguins were looking sooo cute......and one of them was really was giving pose to everyone whoever was clicking :). Then come the big elephant waterhole.....the jumbos were busy in mud bathing there. In the same enclave you will see lots of giraffes, ostrich (I saw a dancing one!!), zebras. Your little one will surely feed the giraffe.....its just 4 to 5 lettuce leaves for $5!!(ouch...:P). Feeling hungry? Go to the Serengeti grill and enjoy your lunch while looking at the sleeping lions (they slept most of the time , only twice or thrice one or two woke up and roared looking at the delicious foods). It is a restaurant with top to bottom glass enclave at one side which is next to the lion habitat. So you will see rush to this restaurant most of the time. The best time is around 1:30pm when most of the people will be on their way to different cages. You can also bring outside food and drink if you want.

Do go for the monorail experience. It is $3 per person and is open till 3:30 p.m. You will take a round tour of the Wilds of Africa and will see few parts which were inaccessible ( at least we could not find out any way to go there). The views were really breath taking. And at one point you will have to go through a small water falls (don't worry, you will not get wet).

There I am
We did not find anything special in the children park. But I could see how the children were happy there playing on their own. The dark room of reptiles was horrible.....all the snakes....uff. 
At 4:00 p.m. , we went out of the zoo with a happy big smile on our faces just like the small kids. It could not have been better than this. I loved the zoo and we relived our childhood again.

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  1. A lovely post...nice to see that you enjoyed a lot

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  2. Those lion babies looks super cute..seems u had a fabulous day.

  3. Priya those are not babies...they are fully grown lioness....the only thing is that place was super crowded so could not take a closer shot...but yessss I had a gr88888 day!!

  4. Hah!! what a pleasure and joy visiting the zoo brings on our faces.. we make it an annual ritual to visist the zoo. kids are just an excuse to enjoy the nature and wildlife.
    Love Ash.

  5. Hope u had a grt day at the zoo, I love going to the zoo esp with my son, seeing his face so excited:)

  6. I am sure u had a wonderful time there

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  8. Nice post,seems like a fun laden day.Nice clicks.

  9. hope the big baby had a wonderful day I guess ;)..will surely link my posts to ur event..

  10. @ Sobha....yess!! I had a wonderful day :)))

  11. thanks for sharing your wonderful experience n excellent cliks dear...lovely writeup..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  12. Sounds like you had a great time, lovely post :)

  13. Hi Khushi,
    You have a Versatile Blogger award waiting for you at my space. Do come visit and collect it! :-)



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