Tip of the Day

How to remove excess salt from Daal or some gravy :

Keep one large ball of wheat flour ( which is used to make roti) in the daal or gravy for few minutes. It will soak the excess salt from the gravy.

How to keep sliced apples fresh :

Keep the apple slices in a bowl of water and sprinkle some lemon juice into it. The apple will remain fresh.

Use Broccoli with care :

We all know that Broccoli has anti carcinogenic property i.e. some elements that fight to prevent cancer. One can eat broccoli raw but if you are cooking the broccoli , remember not to over cook it. That will reduce the helpful elements from it. Best way of using broccoli is to steam it for 4 to 5 minutes.

To remove marks from white clothes :

Rub the area with vinegar and then add fuller's earth and let it dry. Then wash it, the mark will be vanished.

To remove excess oil from digestive system :

Drink something hot ( tea, coffee) after eating fried and oily food to remove excess oil from digestive system.

To stop leakage of oil from earthen diyas :

Put the diyas in a bucket of water for 2 to 3 days. Diyas will soak water and all the pores in them will get blocked and the oil leakage will be reduced.

To fight tooth related problems :

Clove is known to have medicinal value to fight tooth related problems, specially gum bleeding. So crush cloves and add a pinch of it in your tea everyday. It will enhance the taste and also protect the teeth.

To fight Dandruff :

Mix lemon juice and curd and apply it on your scalp. Leave it for an hour and then shampoo your hair. It will give you a shine as well as remove the stubborn dandruff.

Replace red chilly powder in food :

Though we use it in cooking, we all know how harmful it is for our stomach. We can replace red chilly powder by black pepper powder which also helps in curing indigestion, loss of appetite, bloating etc.

To sooth sun burnt skin :

Grind a fresh cucumber and use that paste all over your burnt skin. It quickly cools the burning sensation and helps removing tan. Do not rub the paste as the skin might be sensitive at that point of time.

To get instant shine on your face :

Cut an orange into equal 4 pieces. Take two halves and remove the seeds. First clean your face and then rub it gently with the two pieces in circular motion. Keep it for half an hour and wash it off. It works wonderful as an instant facial.

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