Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bhindi Besan Fry

A crunchy fried bhindi....can be served with a hot cup of tea or with some hot rice daal. I love to eat it alone because of its little sour taste. Do try this recipe, it takes only few minutes to cook.


1. Bhindi (Lady's finger)- 15 to 20
2. Besan (gram flour)- 1/2 cup
3. Cornflour- 2 tbs
4. Vinegar- 1/2 cup
5. Red chilly powder- 1/2 tsp                          
6. Dry mango powder- 1 tsp
7. Ginger-garlic paste- 1 tsp
8. Salt to taste
9. Cumin powder- 1/2 tsp
10. White pepper powder- 1/2 tsp
11. Oil to deep fry


Cut the ends of the bhindis and slice along the length. In a large bowl mix besan , cornflour, salt , chilly powder, mango powder , cumin powder , pepper and ginger-garlic paste.  Mix everything well. Add the vinegar slowly and mix every time. Make a paste of it. This paste should not be too watery or else it will not coat the bhindis well. 

One can also make the paste using water instead of vinegar. But vinegar gives a nice sourness to the coating and it binds really well. Now dip the bhindis in this batter and heat oil in a kadhayi to fry them. The oil should be medium hot for frying the bhindis. If it is too hot , the coating will start getting burnt before the bhindi is cooked from inside. After frying keep them on paper napkin to soak excess oil and serve hot bhindi besan fry.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sabudana Vada / Tikki

After a long time I am writing a recipe post here. Sabudana tikki or sabudana vada , a known recipe during fasts in North India. It is a very easy recipe yet very tasty. My mom used to make sabudana payasam which I never enjoyed that much but this fried recipe of sabudana is a super hit in my kitchen :)

Ingredients :

1. Sabudana- 1 cup
2. Potato- 2 large
3. Green chilly- 2
4. Cumin seed- 1 tsp
5. Dry mango powder- 1/2 tsp
6. Chaat masala- 1/2 tsp
7. Black salt to taste
8. Red chilly powder- 1/4 tsp
9. Black pepper powder- 1/4 tsp
10. Salt to taste
11. Roasted cumin powder- 1/2 tsp
12. Oil to deep fry


Soak the sabudana in water for an hour (the water level should be a little more than the sabudana level , not more). This will help the sabudana to puff. Do not let the sabudana to puff too much, that will make them too soft. Boil the potatoes and remove their skin and keep aside. Now chop the green chilly. In a large bowl mix mashed potatoes , sabudana , green chilly and rest of the masala powders. Mix them well without mashing the sabudana too much. Now heat oil in a kadhayi to deep fry the tikkis. 
Take lemon size balls from the mixture and press them gently to form tikkis. Let the tikkis rest for 10 minutes in refrigerator so that they bind well. When the oil is ready, add the tikkis one by one and fry them on medium flame. Turn the tikkis and fry the other side until they turn brown. 

Tips: 1. To get a super crunchy surface keep frying the tikkis on low flame for a longer time that will make the potato layer crunchy.
2. Serve the tikkis with some curd and tamarind saunth.
3. After taking the tikkis out of refrigerator wait for them to come down to room temperature otherwise while deep frying they might burst.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

(Big) Baby's Day Out-Dallas Zoo experience

Few days back when I was in Austin, I saw the movie Baby's Day Out. It was not the first time that I saw the movie, but it is such a beautiful movie, that every time I see it , I find it totally adorable. So that is why my today's little trip is called (Big) Baby's Day Out!! Here it goes:
It is a lovely bright morning outside. When I removed the curtain of my hotel room at the 18th floor, I could see the farthest bridge outside clearly. There was no cloud at all. What a great day to go out for a small picnic!! So we reached the Dallas Zoo at 11:30 a.m (it is open daily from 9:00 am to 4 pm). As soon as you come closer to the zoo , a huge 60 plus ft statue of giraffe will greet you at the entrance of the zoo. Buy your tickets ( its $ 12 per person for adults) and you are in!! Now take the map in your hand  and the day is yours. We decided to go for the large animals first and hence we took the tunnel towards the Wilds of Savana. And from here starts the colder part of the zoo.

The small penguins were looking sooo cute......and one of them was really was giving pose to everyone whoever was clicking :). Then come the big elephant waterhole.....the jumbos were busy in mud bathing there. In the same enclave you will see lots of giraffes, ostrich (I saw a dancing one!!), zebras. Your little one will surely feed the giraffe.....its just 4 to 5 lettuce leaves for $5!!(ouch...:P). Feeling hungry? Go to the Serengeti grill and enjoy your lunch while looking at the sleeping lions (they slept most of the time , only twice or thrice one or two woke up and roared looking at the delicious foods). It is a restaurant with top to bottom glass enclave at one side which is next to the lion habitat. So you will see rush to this restaurant most of the time. The best time is around 1:30pm when most of the people will be on their way to different cages. You can also bring outside food and drink if you want.

Do go for the monorail experience. It is $3 per person and is open till 3:30 p.m. You will take a round tour of the Wilds of Africa and will see few parts which were inaccessible ( at least we could not find out any way to go there). The views were really breath taking. And at one point you will have to go through a small water falls (don't worry, you will not get wet).

There I am
We did not find anything special in the children park. But I could see how the children were happy there playing on their own. The dark room of reptiles was horrible.....all the snakes....uff. 
At 4:00 p.m. , we went out of the zoo with a happy big smile on our faces just like the small kids. It could not have been better than this. I loved the zoo and we relived our childhood again.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bake with your heart

After hosting three successful events this is the fourth one that I am going to announce. Event hosting is an awesome way to come to know about new blogs as well as new recipes. I have come across many bloggers while hosting the events : What's on your kebab platter, My diwali my way and Kerala kitchen , who are extremely talented. I loved the variety of cuisines and the techniques that they use while cooking. So this is my fourth attempt to know more about your culinary experiences. 
Its Christmas time here and a time for all the baking stuff. You must be gearing up with your wonderful ideas. Share your ideas with everyone, let everyone know what wonders you are doing in your kitchen. This months theme is Bake with your heart , yes its all about baking. I am not restricting it to only cake , cookie , muffins. You can send all your baking recipes here. And yes archived posts are allowed
One must be wondering why don't I use a linky tool for my events , the simple reason is I love to go through the recipes while rounding them up. If I use a tool I might be a little lazy and the purpose of hosting an event will not hold true. So please send me the entries through email at with your name , blog's name , recipe url and picture in jpeg format
The event is starting from today till 7th of January , so you have enough time , even if you have some planned trips during the holidays , you can easily send me the entries till 7th. So guys Bake with your heart. Do link this announcement page with the post. Have fun. Any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

156 Sweet recipes:Roundup : My Diwali My Way

With a bit delay here I present 156 beautiful sweet recipes to you. Enjoy. Thanks a lot all the participants for sending so many variety of sweet recipes. I have learnt a lot of new recipes. And also thanks for keeping patience for the delay of the roundup. A big sorry to those whom I could not reply on time :(......Hope you all will understand the reason behind the delay ( as I have already said that I have relocated). Thanks once again and hope you all had enjoyed the diwali festival with your family.
Nupur of UK- Rasoi has sent a mouth watering halwa recipe : Aalu ka halwa. Simply irresistible.....what say guys?

Arrow root pudding

Bottle guard halwa

Vidya from Kurryleaves has sent some soft and mouth watering Gulab jamuns. Kudos to her click.

Reva from Kaarasaaram has sent Thirattupaal. I loved the traditional way of presentation. Nice work Reva.

Boondhi laddoo

Reshmi of Easy cook has sent Ricotta cheese peda.

Shilpa from Yummilicious food has sent Shankarpali recipe. Crunchy and yummy. And look at the click, isn't it nice?

Rose of Magpie's recipe has sent Orange sponge layer cake with orange bavarian cream.

Poornima of Tasty treats has sent Mava coconut potli

Carrot burfi

Sarah of Spoonful of delight has sent Ribbon pakoda.

Jayasri of Samayal arai has sent Sweet corn puran poli.

Divya of Tease your taste buds has sent Oats and dry fruits laddoo.

Maa laddoo 


Sudha of Wit,wok & wisdom has sent Microwave gajar ka halwa.

Hemavathi of Hema's blog has sent Copra pak.

Indu of A bit of this and a bit of that has sent Beetrot halwa

Ashwini of Indulge ashcorner has sent Bhajani chakli. See how perfect and crunchy they look.

Raksha of Raksha's kitchen has sent Bombay halwa.

Priya of Priya's feast has sent Coconut laddoo

Sukanya of Saffronstreaks has sent Mawa kachori and peda

Stuffed chilly peppers

Shema of Life scoops has sent Rasamalai

Rinku of Rinku's Kitchen treats has sent Jalebi.

Shy S of Sprinkle and stir has sent Kalakand recipe. A famous sweet in Bengal ( my dad's favorite).

Suja of World of suja has sent Mullu murukku.


Amarendra from Amu's recipes has sent Raghavdas laddoo. Seems so inviting!!

Wheat flour chakali

Akheela of Torviewtoronto has sent String hopper sweet , an easy yet yummy recipe.

Raji from Vegetarian tastebuds has sent Multigrain Chaklis. Who says that a healthy food can't be tasty!!

Oats and carrot kheer!! what an unique combination!! Lovely idea Raji.

Sreevalli of Ammaji's recipes has sent Kajjikayalu

Deeksha from Dee's kitchen has sent Balushahi recipe. Who will not love to have them!!

Vardhini of Zesty Palette has sent Thenkuzhal.

Poha chivda


Sravani of Srav's culinary concepts has sent Chegodilu


Sweet bonda

Shobha of Food mazaa has sent Kheerni.

PJ of Seduce your Tastebuds has sent Dates figs roll.

Dates laddu

Dates figs kheer

Soujanya of Soujishome has sent Paramanna.

Deepika of My life & spice has sent Shakkarpara.

Khasta kachori


Saraswathi of Sarascorner has sent Thattu pakoda

Mullu murukku 

Mysore pak 

Princy of Spicyfood has sent Candied nuts.

La of Food slice has sent Rasgullas , a celebration is incomplete without it for every Bengali :)

Ramkumari of Spicy khana has sent Mysore Pak.

Rudra of Mom's corner has sent Coconut barfi.

Chitra of Sharemyrecipe has sent Kara bhoondi


Rupali of Recipe Grab bag has sent Rava naral laddoo recipe.

Anamika of Madcookingfusion has sent Meethi seviya.

Kaveri of Palakkad chamayal has sent Cashew coconut burfi.

Pranati of Delicious recipes 4m Pranati's kitchen has sent Blue berry muffins. The muffins look perfect and a nice twist of berry.

Chenna poda , a fresh home made paneer (chenna) recipe. Traditional recipe of Orissa.

Rasabali , another chenna recipe. Look at the soft chenna sweets. Aren't they looking awesome?

Chocolate sandwich , a sandwich which none can resist.

Sev laddoo

Sumedha of Sumee's culinary bites has sent Atte ka sheera recipe. Its simple yet delicious dessert.

Coconut burfi 

Mango mousse

Zareena of My experiments with food has sent Jalebi.

Princy of Spicyfood has sent Bread gulab jamun.

Preeti of Isingcake and more has sent Bondi laddoo.

Muskaan of A2Z healthy vegetarian cuisine has sent Mohanthal

Kesar kaju katli

Kaveri of Palakkad chamayal has sent Microwave chivda.

R & R of Tadka pasta has sent Caramel candy diyas.

Vidhya of A portion to share has sent Pineapple gujiya.

Sudha of Sabdha's kitchen has sent Kai murruku which she has learnt form her mother-in-law.

Santosh of Santosh's kitchen has sent
Papad samosa

Mysore pak

Papaya burfi

Apple rabri

Besan burfi

Khsta kachori

Moong daal halwa

My friend Amy from Food corner has sent some delicious Coconut toffees......have a look at them. The cups are so cute!!

Look at the tempting Surul poli sent by Nalini of Nalini's kitchen. These rolls are looking fabulous.

Cornflakes mixture:

Chitra from Share my recipe has sent Mysore Pak.

Budding blogger Kavi from Edible Entertainment has something special in store for us...Kara Boondi.

Oma podi

Maida biscuit



Sago pudding

Karishma of Effortless cooking easy baking has sent Carrot dates cashew kheer.

Prabha of Prabha's  samayal has sent Jangiri

Look what Neethu of Kitchen express has in store for us.....Eggless nankathai.

Have a look at Rudra's (of Mom's corner) Suyan recipe , a recipe made during Saraswati puja.

Krithi of Krithi's kitchen has sent Coconut burfi.


Seepu murukku

Kalyani of Sizzling tastebuds has sent Gajar lauki halwa.

Malai kulfi 

Sneha from Kranthi's kitchen has sent spongy rasgulla.

Kalyani of Kalyani's Platter has sent Rava kesari

and Gajar ka halwa , a traditional halwa. Look how beautifully she has decorated.

Dry fruits and nuts laddoo 


Sudha of Malaysian delicacies has sent Pandan Pallgova and shallot cookies

Gulab jamun icecream

Check out the Doodhi halwa sent by Archana of The mad scientists kitchen!!.....What an innovative and healthy halwa!!

and Palak chakali

Chitra from Chitti's kitchen has sent Chennar payesh...a very hot favorite Bengali payesh recipe.

Masala peanuts

Julie of Erivum Puliyum has sent some lovely Cashew cookies. Nice presentation Julie.


Vidhya of Sugar N  spice has sent Rasgolla.

Prathima from Prath's corner has sent Festive pulao. A perfect recipe for this festive season.

Kaju burfi 


Valli of V's healthy kitchen has sent Beetroot vadai

Rava laddoo

Sayantani of A homemaker's diary has sent Coconut fudge


Chanar payesh

Veena of Veg junction has sent kaju katli.

Lavanya of My recipe congeries has sent Boondhi laddoo.

Kaara boondhi

Deepti from ! Recipes @ Panchamrutham has sent Urad daal laddu. A hot favorite for a laddoo fan like me :)

A talented blogger Ramya from Ramya's recipes has sent some really mouth watering recipes for us:
her award winning Paal pidi

Crushed wheat payasam

Double ka meetha

Harini of Sugar n Spice has sent some very famous Indian sweets, have a look at them:

Carrot halwa

Gulab jamun


Dry gulab jamun


Rava laddoo

Mullu muruku


Poha puttu

Poornam poli

Mysore pak

Sravani of Srav's culinary concepts has sent Coconut jaggery laddoo.

Sangee of Typical indian cooking has sent :

Green gram dal halwa

Mini jangri

Puran poli

Chettinad paruppu paniyaram

Poonam of Kishmeesh has sent a delicious Suji ka halwa recipe. I have become her fan after seeing the presentation.

Suji kheer.

Prathibha of Cook ezee has sent Shahi tukda , a true shahi recipe.

and Loki kheer.

Sooji halwa

Anamika of Taste junction has sent Gajar ka halwa


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