Friday, October 29, 2010

My Passport Experience

On a sad note I applied for re-issue of my passport. You must be surprised why sad?? Before applying I was going through the reviews about the passport related issues that people are facing for a long time. But as it was important to change my surname after marriage and  add my spouse name, I was left with no other option.

Then I came to know about Bangalore Passport Seva Kendra (in short PSK),where I learnt that the passport application procedure has become simple and hassle free. Here is the detailed description of how I finally got my passport in my hand:

First of all, on 26/09/2010 I applied online through website. There I filled up the form and submitted it . Also I scanned and uploaded four relevant documents(only four documents can be uploaded for one application and the size of each of the document must not be more than 1 MB). As I wanted to change my surname due to marriage and also my old passport was issued in some other place, so I provided
                      a. Address proof : one year bank statement and a letter from the bank manager
                      b. Old Passport copy : the front two pages and the back two pages with the ECNR
                           page(as my old passport had the ECNR page)   
                      c. Husband's Passport copy : same as above
                      d. Marriage certificate
In the next step, I scheduled an appointment(Important : from August the rule has been changed and now only online appointment are accepted in PSK, no one can  just walk in  without any prior appointment)to go to the PSK and I chose 9:00 to 9:45 a.m session on 12/10/2010. I went there well before time to avoid any queue but to my surprise there was none at the PSK till 8:00 a.m!! Anyways around 8:45 a.m I collected my token from the desk showing them my appointment paper. After entering the PSK center two persons were sitting near the gate and checking whether everyone had the proper documents or not. 
Then next I went to a counter where I showed my token and they asked a few documents and directed me to go inside. There was a guard who checked the token and asked to sign on it and then let me go inside.There was a waiting room with a display screen showing the token numbers and the respective counters where we have to go. But as it was the first session of the day(around 9: 05 a.m),there was no crowd and I was directly asked to go to counter no. A12 where a TCS person filled my form and checked my documents and also took a snap for the passport(now a days you don't have to carry with you photos as they click it over the counter :)) .Next I was asked for my finger prints. It took around 15 minutes as the person had to scan all my documents and my form and then he made a file with all my documents and asked for the payment.I paid One thousand rupees in cash and was given an acknowledgment.

Next I took the file with me and went towards counter B where the Verification officer was verifying documents.I had to wait for few minutes as there were only two VO counters open. At this counter it took only 2 mins as he just went through my marriage certificate.He told me the police verification will take place within 10 days and if I was in hurry,I could directly go to the police station with my file after 3 working days of submission.

Now there was a little crowd for counter no. C(Granting Officer counter)as only one C counter was open. After 15 mins or so my token number was called and they just took the file from me and canceled my old passport and returned it to me. I went to the exit door, with the  receipt  of  my application,where a person was giving the acknowledgment letter.I collected it and came out of PSK at 9: 45 a.m !!!! And also to my surprise I found that there is no pre-police verification required for my case,that means I will directly get the passport!!! :))

Now the endless wait for the passport began. I checked the website where in the status it was shown that I would receive a mail/sms once the passport is dispatched. I called the PSK customer care on 18/10/2010 asking for the status and also inquired for the delay of the passport(as it was mentioned in the website that the post police verification passports will be dispatched after 3rd working days of the submission of the passport,which means I should have received it on 18/10/2010). I was asked to wait. i was nervous as I knew it could take months to get a passport so I kept on calling the customer care daily and also emailed them stating my urgency to get the passport on time. Then I registered a complaint online regarding the delay.
I completely lost the hope of getting my passport within a month. But on 28/10/2010  at 6:00 p.m I received an sms  and a mail mentioning my passport number and the speed post number through which the passport has been sent. And the very next day that is on 29/10/2010 at around 3:00 p.m I got my passport in my hand! :)

Now I truly believe All's well that ends well ........cheers to Bangalore PSK system.

Hope my story would help you. Feel free to share your experience regarding passport application.
Read more about the recent passport experience of my husband here.


  1. Hi, this info helps ! thank U.
    1 question, did u apply through Normal mode or Tatkal?
    Any idea how long does it take to get PP renewal through tatkal in Bangalore PSK?

  2. Hi,
    Its good to see that it helped you.I applied through Normal as there was change in my address and I know about few cases where the Tatkal process took around 7 to 10 days.

  3. was the change of address within bangalore itself or from some other state?

  4. Very informative, thanks. Have one question: I need change in address from another state to bangalore address, can I not go for Tatkal option? How long would it take for the change?
    Arent they changing the address on old passport itself like before?

  5. Thanks that you found it helpful.You can apply for Tatkal and it will be better if you call the PSK call center (1800-258-1800) for more information. I had to change my surname so I was issued a new passport. I think for address change also they will issue a new one.

  6. Hello,

    I'm planning to get my passport re-issued for the same reason as yours.

    Which PSK in Bangalore did you visit? The outer ring road or lalbagh road.

    And will they allow our spouse for example with us inside the PSK or will they have to wait outside.

  7. I went to Sai arcade PSK (outer ring road). They will check your appointment letter and give you a token but it really depends on their mood whether they will allow anyone else with you. But if you have a child, they might allow your spouse inside.

  8. Hello, My passport was issued in Mumbai, now im in Bangalore...Will i have police verification since i have change of address, Do they in normal scenario deliver re-issue of passport at the RPO counter or speed post is the only way of delivery.

    The reason is i don't have proof of address or any utility bill in my name here in Bangalore, i'm staying with relatives..I'm confused what would be my best way..either i go to mumbai or apply it here..

  9. Yes there will be a police verification but that will be post verification i.e. after you get your passport at hand, the police verification would be done.
    Passport will be delivered through speed post but if you want it to be handed to you over the RPO counter you can go and convince the passport officer showing some emergency and collect it from the counter.
    If you do not have any address proof then it is impossible to get a passport here. If you have a bank account with Bangalore address that will do.

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for the info and the nice write-up. Just yesterday I also filled up my application online and have taken an PSK ORR appointment on 21st Jan 2011 as that was the earliest I could get in Bangalore. Now my question is slightly different than what others' have asked.

    1. My confusion is when you fill up the application online only 36 characters are allowed when you are entering details about your present address. But you know about Indian addresses that they can not be accommodated in 36 characters, at least mine can not as it is about 115 characters. When I enquired about the same with Customer care, they said the online info is just indicative and you can edit the same when you meet the officers in PSK. Did you also have a similar case? If so can you please elaborate?

    2. Also regarding the address proof, as you know people use short forms for Layout and L/O or LYT, stg for stage and Rajarajeshwari Nagar as R R Nagar(I stay here). My address proof which is a BSNL landline bill also has such short forms. Is it possible to ask the officer not to use any short forms and use the full text. Or does it have to exactly match the address in the proof document?

    If you also had such questions and if they got cleared could you please inform me as well.


  11. 1. Yes it was a problem to fill up the address line as it was quite big in my case too, so I kept only few important parts of my address such as flat no., apt name, area name, road and pin code. I think that would be enough in any case. While you will visit the PSK they will open your submitted form in their computer and just ask you if everything is ok or do you want to change anything, that time if you want to add something you can tell them but personally I do not think they can accommodate 115 characters. So the best way is to do away with a few parts of your address.

    2. You do not have to match each and every part of the billing address but do mention the important parts in your address and you will always have an option to change something when you will visit PSK, so don't worry.

  12. Hi All,

    My best wishes to you all. I am staying in Thane now since 2 months. Previously I was staying in Koramangala. I have a bank account of 8 years in the koramangala address and my friend stays there now. Can I collect the bank statement from Thane and upload it or I have to go to Bangalore branch for bank statement. Second question, do I have to submit my all eductional certificate or highest educational certificate?? Plz help with ideas...Thanks in advance... Eagerly awaiting your reply...


  13. Although I am not clear about your queries, but here is what I think you wanted to ask: If your previous passport has ECNR status then you don't have to submit any educational documents. If you are applying for a new passport then you should submit all the educational certificate for safe side. Regarding the bank statement issue, if you are asking whether you will get a bank statement from Thane branch though your address is in Bangalore, then I think it is possible. You can contact the bank itself for further query.

  14. Hi... Nice to see a blog post on the new Passport issue system. That's great! It'll help lots of people who do not know how it works.
    I had applied for my passport(fresh) at the same PSK with my friends on 30 Nov 2010 but my experience was a little different. You are very lucky to have finished it in 45 mins maybe coz u were the first person in. Me and my friends had taken the afternoon slot and though the procedure is the same(Counter A,B,C, etc) It took nearly 3 hours for us. That's fine actually since this is a better system than the earlier one. But the wait for passport is an awful experience.
    I was in a hurry to get my passport since I have to apply for exams to study abroad. So, I couldn't take the matter lightly. My exams were going on when this happened. As they mention, my file did reach the Police Stn in 3 days but I went thr to get my verification done and it took 2 days for me to MEET the concerned official!! Then he took nearly 3 hours for a simple work and in the end took me to a file room and asked me to cough out Rs 500!!!! That's like half of the money I paid for passport. I declined and told that I can't pay. So, he said that he'll see how I get my passport on time. I had to pay the money. After that it took nearly a month for me to receive my passport. Its living hell experience if you need it urgently!
    This was my story. My friends who applied with me on the same day, haven't still received their passports. They too paid the bribe(different police station) but didn't receive it. After coming to know that I got my passport, they went to the SP office(where the passport file has to reach after police verification from respective police stn) to find that their file hasn't even come there. They went back to the Police station to find that it was still lying there more than a month after paying the bribe! Horrible experience. They're still waiting for their passports and missed the deadline for applying to a foreign university.

    1. You should have moved an RTI against the Police Officer. He is a Public Servant and falls under RTI Act 2005 to give you information about your file. If there is nothing illegal against you then he got not power to stop your file for passport.

  15. Hi Khushi i am very happy with your responce to peoples queries.i also have one queri regarding passpost apply,i want to apply for fresh passport In my 10TH marks card( Prof for date of birth) my father's name printed as DADASAHEBU.M.D instade of DADASAHEB.M.D.Is it creates the problem to apply.Please help me


  16. Hi Khaja,

    Thanks for your appreciation.I think it will create a problem. You can make an affidavit stating that both the names refer to the same person. You can search for the format in passport site itself (if given) or can consult any advocate/ notary.

  17. Hi Vinay,

    It is sad that your experience was not as good as mine. In my case it was post police verification hence I did not face any trouble regarding police verification. Hope your friends get their passport at the earliest.

    1. hi,can i know how many days after the police came to ur home after receiving ur passport
      for post police verification

    2. I got the call from the police station around a week after I received the passport.

  18. Hi Khushi,
    Thanks a lot for your answaers and the info in the blog. It really helps to know the process.
    I too have sad story
    I have applied for fresh passport on January 1st week and took the appointment.Got the appointment on Feb9th2010.I have not uploaded my documents. After two days i have logged in and checked my appointment was intact.after 3 weeks (Feb1st2010)when i login to the website my application got deleted. One nistake which i did was i havenot taken the print out / even have not notedown application number as the appointment.I am not sure my appointment will be still valid or not.

    This time i have applied again. Iam bit afraid that again my application shouldn't get deleted as my onsite is planned in April.Can u pls share us when did u upload u r documents.
    If i go on 9th Feb will they allow me as i dont have any proof of appointment.
    Waiting for u r reply.

  19. Hi Reshma,
    It is really sad. When I applied for the passport, that day only I uploaded my documents. Do save the appointment copy because without that you would not be able to prove that you have taken any appointment specially when you do not have ARN with you. So I do not think they will allow you to enter PSK.

  20. Hi,
    Thanks for the detailed experience on your passport re-issue. It was very informative and indeed helpful.
    I'm applying for a re-issue as well since my old passport is due to expire this Nov. Also there will be an address change and inclusion of spouse name. My query is this. For address proof I will be taking copies of my telephone bills (along with the originals). For spouse name inclusion I will be taking a copy of my marriage certificate (along with the original). The Passport site mentions that for spouse name inclusion one should take
    "An attested copy of marriage certificate issued by Registrar of Marriage"
    So do I have to get the copy attested by somebody even though I'm taking the original with me. If yes attested by whom.

    Did you have to submit an attested copy of your marriage certificate as well. Thanks

  21. Hi,
    You do not need to attest your marriage certificate if you have the original with you. I carried my original copy with xeroxes and that worked fine.

  22. PSK service is smooth its the process after that which is slow

    I applied for reissue of my passport with address change on 27th sept 2010 and after around 10-12 visits to the RPO in koramangala and many letters submitted i finally got my passport today

  23. Thanks a lot to everyone who has posted their good/bad experiences. I submitted my documents on the 14th of March, and yes the PSK Service is very smooth, no doubt. The GO told me that mine was a pre verification case (even though I already have a passport, just had to get the address changed). Could you please tell me the process after that? Do I get a call from the local police station or should I just directly go and ask them? what exactly happens at the police station? What documents are required?(And yes, I know about the bribing part)Really hoping it doesn't take much time because I need to apply to universities abroad

  24. What role do the references play? I have entered my room mate as one of my references and later read on the website that a person sharing the address cannot be your reference. I have already submitted the docs and the acknowldgement says granted subject to police verification. I am really worried now. Can someone tell me if references are checked upon etc? Thanks a lot!

  25. Hi Rakesh,

    It must be written on your acknowledgment receipt what type of police verification you have (pre / post or no verification). You can call your police station (the one you have mentioned in your application form) to fix an appointment after 5 working days from your submission date. It would be faster than waiting for the police to call you. The police will collect the xerox copies of the documents you have submitted in passport office and will ask you to fill one form and one letter.

  26. @ anonymous

    There is no role of the references. As your passport has been granted, you do not need to worry about this. Wait for your police verification.

  27. Hi Khushi...Thanks for the Info..Seems you got appointment easily. But for normal passport, i am getting appointment dates only after 1.5 months.

    Is there a way out? Even tatkal appointments also show as no slots available.

    Getting Frustrated.

  28. Hi Ravi,

    Check with the customer care people if any early slot is available or not, because sometimes the website shows no slot available even if it is available and vice-verse (as it happened in my case first).

  29. Hi this is in continuation of my message posted earlier..I thought it would be of help to others. As Khushi said, I waited for the 5th working day after submission. I decided to go to the police station in the afternoon and to my surprise I got a call from them in the morning! They called me for verification. Took the photocopy of documents submitted, he prepared a letter on my behalf in Kannada. Asked me to sign at three places..And no bribery! He didn't ask me for it at all.I was super proud of the officer. Shall let u kno when i get my passport..

  30. Hi Khushi,

    Regarding my address proof, I want to submit bank statement. But for that I need a letter from Bank Manager too as per customer care people. But do Bank Manager will provide me that lettter or I have to take a letter and he only has to sign it, and what will be the content of the letter. Second thing, I didn't find police verification form while submitting the form online. I am afraid I have not filled it. Can I fill in my own handwriting instead of computerized filling and submit it in PSK. Please advice.


  31. Hi Pradip,

    You ask the bank to provide you a letter of address proof for your passport and they will give it to you. The letter states that this person has an account with our this branch from this date and it will be attested by the bank manager. You don't have to fill any police verification form. The passport GO will decide whether you will need police verification or not.

  32. Hi Khushi,

    Everything went well and I submitted the application form along with documents-1. DOB document(Xth certificate) 2. Add.Proof: - Letter from Bank and passbook Xerox. Now my status reads as -"Passport application has been granted to applicant on 05/04/2011. Police Verification has been initiated. Request has been sent to SP Office, District Bangalore .Your passport will be dispatched after receiving the 'Clear' Police Verification Report at Passport Office. You would receive an sms/email once the passport is dispatched." When shall I expect a call from police station or shall I call them. Please advice.


  33. Hi Pradip,

    after 5 working days from your submission date you can directly contact your police station and ask if your file for verification has come to them or not. If it has come, you can go and get the verification done.

  34. Hi Khushi,
    You have some Resourceful Information in this post. Thanks !

    Well, I have two queries.
    1. My parents have already got their Tatkaal Appointment for Fresh Passport application.
    Q > Is it mandatory to upload the documents earlier - Or is it fine to have the Originals + Self attested copies and present the same on the day of Appointment.

    2. My parents' category is - Senior citizens and Retired Govt. servants. My parents have their abroad visit scheduled in next two weeks.
    Q > In what circumstances Post-Police verification is necessary. If post-police verification is needed, how soon it is done. Have any Idea?
    Your Reply is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    ~ Hema

  35. Hi Hema ,

    1. I uploaded my documents and carried the original and the self attested copies (which I had to submit).

    2. The pre/post police verification depends on the granting officer's decision. Police verification takes a lot of time , hence , I will recommend you to contact the police station directly and get your verification done.

  36. Hi Khushi,

    I received call from police station on 13th(submitted on 5th). Police asked me to fill up three forms and 2 photos. After that he asked 200 rupees. And he told I will get the passport after 20 days.


  37. Hi Pradip,

    Keep tracking your passport details in the website. Hope it will reach soon.

  38. Hey Khusi,

    The Status on passport site reads as:

    Status "You would receive an sms/email once the passport is dispatched."


  39. Hi all,
    Aftr 1.5 months of waiting, I got my passport. Pretty fast I must say. All in all thumbs up to the PSK and Passport Authority! Applied on 14th passport on 26th April...normal scheme

  40. Dear Khushi and all,

    I have read the entire blog and various experiences of people.
    Now, the game has entirely changed, getting a slot for appointment is difficult now.
    My friend had shelled out 1500/- for getting a slot in Tatkal via a travel agent.I'm trying to get a slot and checking with customer care daily and on the net sharp at 9 am.
    I wonder how do NRN, Vijay Mallya, celebrity will get their passport.Will they be going through the same process.
    I will keep you posted when I will get a slot

  41. Khushi,

    I received my passport on May 17, 2011.

    28/02/2011: Applied online.
    05/04/2011: Appointment at PSK Marathalli Ring Road for submitting documents. My documents were 1. Age Proof(Xth Certificate). 2. Address Proof(Bank statement and Letter from Bank).
    13/04/2011: Received police verification call.
    14/04/2011: Went to police station for verification.
    27/04/2011: Online tracking showed the status: "Would receive an sms/email once the passport is dispatched."
    16/05/2011: Online tracking showed the status: "Applicant passport has been dispatched via speed post."
    17/05/2011: Received my passport.


  42. Khushi,

    Thanks for all your support during this time.


  43. Hey Khushi,

    Thanks for posting your experiences....I just read through all of the comments too, and have a couple of questions to ask you...

    1). The Bank where i have an account, simply refused to give me a letter instead they gave me a year's statement with name, address, acct no. etc everything printed right on top of the statement...Though this document has a seal and signature from the bank, My question is would this be taken as a valid address proof?

    2). Also, all my documents i.e., upto my bachelors degree certificate has my name as H. Shabbeer but the passport app and the bank statement has them as hassan these two documents dont accept any initials, name has to be written in full....Would the passport office ask for an affidavit from me?

    I got an appointment for tomorrow, at PSK sai Arcade....Will tell you my experiences when i return......

  44. Hi Shabbeer,

    1. bank account statement would be in my case they did not ask for the bank letter, but I gave him the letter on my own.

    2. It would be better if you have an affidavit. You can also call the customer care to know more about this.

    Best of luck :). Will be looking forward for your experience.

  45. Hey Shabber,

    could we please have quick chat as i have same issue (point no. 2) ? My mob no. is 9901114681 / email: (gtalk).

    Really appreciate we can do sometime.


  46. Hi Khushi and other,

    This is in continuation to my earlier post.
    I have been trying to get an online slot but no luck.Also, I did register my complaint, the ETA for the complaint was 30/05/11 but nothing happened.
    In addition to that I am trying daily morning sharp @ 8 am for the online slot but no luck so far.
    My friend gave me an agent number who will do the job for Rs 1500/-.Unfortunately I have to bribe since I am left with no other choice.

  47. Getting online slots is very difficult by yourself, all owned frisky agents. You can get appointment in normal procedure, but it will take more time. Choice is yours.

  48. I think this is all because of the growing number of passport applications....Have patience...that is all what I can say...and best of luck :)

  49. Hey khushi,

    Strangely there is a limit to the no. of characters for posting comments so i am posting my experiences in two parts.....

    PART-1: -

    I reached quite early on the appointed day and watched as the first slot people went in. Trust me, the steady stream of people coming out of the passport office within a few minutes of going in, made me quite nervous. It resembled a job interview. Anyways, the people standing in the line along with me for the 9.15 am slot were quite nice and had a good chat regarding how faulty the passport procedure is, how the call centre people are lowly trained, and how despite putting up the list of certain documents in the website, they wouldn't take them because certain rules have changed. Anyways, the allotted time came, and we went in after showing the appointment letter stating the time slot allotted to me. By the way, THIS DOCUMENT IS A MUST FOR ENTRY!
    The document verification & token distribution was in the front. I had applied for a TATKAAL passport, and they took a copy of all the documents. Two of them were basically Notary signed form & verification certificate. BY THE WAY, THOUGH IT’S WRITTEN IN THE WEBSITE THAT VERIFICATION CERTIFICATE IS NOT COMPULSORY, NEW RULES MAKE IT SO. A few minutes later they called me back, & said they cannot accept the verification certificate which i had given since it has to be given by IPS/IAS officers only. For IAS officers it has to be till the rank of Undersecretary & not below....Even, District Magistrate's certificates are not allowed!
    Anyways, as a stroke of luck, i had booked my appointment under NORMAL quota, so i was eligible for downgrading the app to NORMAL. I immediately said, it was fine and am ready to apply for NORMAL passport. I was then handed a token & i went inside the centre. When one goes inside, one can see a huge waiting area, and further on, a massive area filled with cubicles. These cubicles are divided in three categories- A, B, C.

  50. hey Khushi,

    SECOND PART.......

    A----- first category cubicle one goes to. In the waiting area, there are screens which show, which token number bearers are called in. Anyway, in this counter they process all your documents, take your pic, scan your fingerprints and upload all the documents. You can even see the temporary 1st page of your passport, in the computer monitor. After this is over, one is told to wait for their turn for COUNTER B
    B-----This is the document verification stage, wherein they seriously check your documents and compare with originals. These are Govt. Officials, unlike the TCS employees at the TOKEN DISTRIBUTION counter at the start. It takes a few mins here and after they are satisfied they simply tell us to wait in the COUNTER “C” waiting area.
    C-----This is the last step. Here they just see your records and maybe check it with their database for any records. This is mere formality and after this is over, I headed to the last section, i.e., the processing centre just before the exit.
    LAST CENTRE---- Here they just scan your token and enter your details in their record books and give you a summary sheet, which has info like, your App No, File No., etc. After this you just head towards the exit.
    Well, this was my experience and the PSK at Sai Arcade is very good in terms of amenities and service.....Before signing off, i would list out the basic documents i took along with me : -
    1). Class X pass certificate (DOB )
    2). Engg. Degree certificate (non-ECR )
    3). A letter from the Bank along with a bank statement of 1 year (address proof)
    4). My Bank passbook, with my photo affixed on the first page along with Bank's seal and sign on it... (ID proof)
    5). My PAN card (ID proof)
    6). Place of Birth proof, typically a Birth certificate
    7). I didn't need to take any affidavit regarding name change etc.....
    And, thanks Khushi for suggesting taking the bank letter, it turns out it’s become a necessity!
    @ AB--- My email id is

  51. Thanks for your experience Shabbeer, really helpful. I'm going to apply in Tatkal scheme, also have verification certificate from IPS officer, i think it will work out well, as you'v mentioned.

    nice to catch up with sometime. Sent you an email.

  52. Shabbeer

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. IT will help a lot of passport applicants :)
    Hope u will get your passport soon

  53. Good news is i'v applied for Tatkal passport y'day, and with the help of Agent, i am getting passport tomorrow.

    In the passport website, it says: Passport has been dispatched on 22/06/2011 via Speed Post. Speed Post Tracking Number is XXX..

    If you need anyone's assistance, make sure to write to me, i will guide.


    1. Hi, I need to apply in Tatkal as I have some urgent travel plans. I am not staying at one place ( 2 cities ) for last year. How can I get the verification certificate ? Can you please provide the contact details of the agent you went with and the charges.

      NS ( contact DIT neerajs AT gmail DOT com )

  54. Hi,

    I applied for re-issue on 1st June for change of surname. It was decided that no police verification is needed also the person in A and C counter said it might take 10-15 days max.

    My status was showing as "passport granted on 1st june, we will inform wh0en we dispatch" since 1st june.

    Suddenly, now its changed to "passport granted on 21st june, we will inform wh0en we dispatch"

    Why 1st june became 21st june?
    I am just worried about the delays in the service.
    I want my passport to write my exams for MS.

    Any idea when will the passport be dispatched?

  55. Hi Ab,

    Congrats on getting your passport.
    Can you pls tell me how much did the agent charge you for giving the online appointment slot ?


  56. Hey AB...congrats!!

    @ Kiran...why don't you check with the call center people? They will give you the exact details. Don't worry you will get your passport soon.

  57. Hello All,

    I want to share my passport experience today(28/06/11)
    I had applied for Normal, reissue.
    My appointment time was at 2:15 pm and the reporting time given to me 1:45 pm.

    I reached PSK Lalbagh at 1:30 pm.There was a huge queue and everyone in the queue was for the same slot.

    Finally after waiting for 20 mins, I reached inside where a guard checked my bag.

    There were several inquiry counters and I was shown an inquiry counter where 3 or 4 ppl were standing.The lady there checked my documents, verified with originals and the appointment time and gave me a token number receipt and told me to go inside.
    Time spent at the counter 10 mins

    Inside : There was a waiting room with 3 - 4 displays. after waiting for 15 mins, my number was called and I moved to counter A. TCS executive checked my form which I had filled online, scanned my documents, took my photograph, finger impressions and collected the money and handed me the acknowledgement slip.He kept everything in a brown file and wrote a number on the file and told me to move to Counter B and told me that I will be called as per my initial token number.
    Time spent at counter A was 20 mins

    Counter B: The maximum number of crowd was here and so much chaos.
    There were only 2 displays, I checked and saw that my number is way too ahead(100 numbers).After waiting for 2 hours
    my turn came and I moved to counter B, where I greeted the govt official lady, she verified my documents
    and told me to move to counter C, token number was same.
    Time spent at counter B was 10 mins

    Counter C:
    On moving to Counter C, again it was very chaotic and the official there told me to sit(there were less chair and more number of people standing).Since I was sick, down with fever, I couldn't stand any more and sat on the floor.Every single person over there started staring at me as if I have committed a murder! After sitting on the floor for another 10 mins, my token number was displayed on the screen and I moved to the counter, where again the lady cross verified the documents and after doing that, she cancelled my passport and told me to collect my acknowledgement slip.
    Time spent : 5 mins

    I moved towards the acknowledgement counter where the person gave a slip and the guard collected my acknowledgement slip which was fed to the IR and the guard asked me to enter my feedback.The system was not accurate and was not working properly.I was not well so, I left it as it is and came out.
    Time spent : 2 mins

    Pls note, following were the documents which I carried along with me

    a)Degree certificate original with photocopy
    b)Old passports with first, last and ECNR photocopies
    c)A letter head from my current bank stating my present address
    d) My last 6 mnths bank statement
    e)2 BSNL bill(present year and last year) along with its photocopies
    The TCS exec said that I will receive the passport in max 40 days.Hoping for the best.
    I hope that my experience will help others too.
    If any one has any query, feel free to write to me at I will be happy to help.

  58. Hi, I am thinking of applying for passport reissue in Tatkaal,and i see that most of you have a bank account statement as your proof of address. I have had a bank account here for six months only, and its not a government bank, but HSBC. Is this also acceptable as address proof? Thanks in advance for your help.

  59. Hi Anandhi,

    I submitted HDFC bank statement , hence I think HSBC will also work.


  61. I too had a wonderful experience when I applied the passport for my little one. Really liked their system and how TCS has managed this.
    I got my baby's passport within 3 weeks and no police verification is needed for minors too :)

  62. hiii everyone. i got serious problem. i applied for fresh normal passport on 24/08/2011.if i check status on 16/08/2011 it says " your passport application has been granted and police verification has been would recieve a sms/email once passport dispatched." have any idea how much time it will take more to dispatch????????
    thanx in advance

  63. I think you have mentioned the dates wrong. Anyways when I submitted my passport application it took around 10 to 15 days to get the passport though in my case there was no police verification. I think you will get your passport within a week.

  64. HI

    I have applied fresh normal passport in tamil nadu on 28-07-11, but still not yet received my i checked online status " your passport application has been granted", please let me know when i will get my passport?

  65. Mohideen,
    |Have you checked your online status earlier? Was it showing the same status for such a long time!! If it has not reached you , its better to contact the RPO to know the real status. Have your police verification been done?

  66. Is it required to submit the attested xerox copy of the proofs?

  67. I don't remember exactly but I carried two sets of xeroxes one self attested and the other normal xeroxes.

  68. Guys,
    Few things which I want to share with you, fellas.
    1. Damaged passports(either in readable or non readable form) are no longer processed under Tatkal scheme. Go under Normal appointment. If its urgent- Post police verification can be done, which depend upon GO(Granting Officer).
    2. Address Proof - Take bank statements + Passbook ( if its joint account because second name doesn't appear on accnt statement) + HR Letter from your company + Rental Agreement
    3. Never use your passport as ID proof. Keep it in a safe and intact. Small water/ink mark can make it as a damaged passport.
    4. Appointment - For Monday, appointments will be open on Saturday evening - 6'0 Clock. For Tuesday , slots will open on Sunday evening 6'O clock. Enjoy!!! TCS has made this system quite simple,fast, smoother and best ( Except tracking status application).

  69. A quick update to those who might be visiting the PSK - Please ensure you carry two address proof documents. It turns out that people who had only one (as mentioned in the online checklist) were not allowed. So to be on safer side, take two address proofs.

  70. Hi,
    I have submitted the application form online but if i click manage appointment , it is showing that "no appointment slots are available". When(at what time) do the slots opened actually?
    P.S:am from chennai

  71. You have to try tp get the slots as early as possible...from 8 a.m.

  72. Check for appointments in the evening after 6:00PM. The slot opening is now moved from 8:00AM in morning to evening 6:00. So log in at 6:00 and book appointments

    I got passports for my wife and daughter via tatkal and took just 3 days to receive the new passport. Very efficient process. If you have all the documents ready then it takes just 2 hours at the center and you get the passport delivered on day 3.

  73. Thanks for your post, which seemed to have helped so many. I gave my application at PSK,Lalbagh yesterday 20/12/11 after getting online appointment on 18/12/11 at 6.25pm after trying for 25 minutes on their website(It was tough and one needs a speedy internet connection and lot of patience plus luck)

    So on the appointment day, I was not surprised to see atleast 100-150 people around in the same time-slot. It took me around 3 hours for the entire process in the last slot of the day(3pm).

    Token counter-30 mins,A counter-20 mins, B counter-2 hours( indeed was a tiring wait with not much ventilation and so many people around, felt miserable), C counter-30 mins. Mine is a 'PASSPORT REISSUE' application, two years after expiry, address remains the same, name change due to marriage. Application status in the Acknowledgement letter says GRANTED* where * "subject to police verification and fingerprint matching" Police verification mode says POST VERIFICATION. ie, it shall be carried out post issuance of passport as in your case. Can you please throw some light on "POST VERIFICATION" by Police and "fingerprint matching" ??

    My status today is as follows:
    Passport application has been granted to applicant on 20/12/2011. Your application is under processing. You would receive an email/sms once the passport is dispatched.

  74. Documents I carried along
    1. Old Passport and self-attested copies
    2. Marriage certificate(Change in surname) and attested copy
    3. 1-yr Bank statement and Manager letter(Address)
    4. 10th Marks card
    5. Husband's passport copy

    Also the Appointment copy along with 1000 RS/- in cash as fees.

    PS: Also have two of your neighbours name and address ready . I was surprisingly told to mention it on my appointment letter copy ! In my online application, the 1st reference I chose was a doctor aunt and another my sister staying elsewhere in Blore !

  75. Hi Krupa,

    Thanks for the appreciation. The post verification means that you will receive the passport first through speed post and after that the police will call you to do the verification. In my case the police called me to come to the police station.
    I was not asked for any finger print verification. So I don't know anything about it. Even if it happens, it will be done by the police I guess.
    Asking for neighbours name is news to me , it may be done to ensure that you are living there for one year (I am guessing it).

  76. Hi Khushi n folks,

    Thought I would keep you updated. Got my passport in hand in a week..Almost tatkal speed yo !!!

    My interview as I mentioned above, took place on 20/12/11 at Lalbagh PSK. Passport Status on the website had changed w.r.t date "Passport application has been granted to applicant on 22/12/2011. " instead of 20/12/2011

    On 27th Night, I got an email and SMS mentioning Passport dispatch details by speed-post. Thankfully, my photo has come unblurred. My case just for info, is Passport reissue after 2 years of expiry with the same Address and change of surname following wedding. The last step next is post verification of police which as per Khushi seems to be a formality.

    The speed-post lady who came asking for me, DID NOT handover the passport to my mother inspite of showing my old passport/application Ack(I was in my office). Yesterday I had to personally go and collect the passport from the postoffice later in the evening.

    Thanks to Passport authorities n TCS folks, the recent developments like setting up of PSKs, IT support by TCS and overall revamp seems to be for the good of the public, though I have to mention there is plenty of room for improvement and enhancing applicant convenience especially at the PSK !! They have made many Travel agents and some unscruplous touts jobless, for sure :)

    In the past,I have known many struggling to get their passports for no apparent reason. E-governance is the way to go !! Hope my comments help someone too :) Thanks n bye..

  77. Hi Krupa,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed experience. I am sure this is gonna help many others. I know the postman generally do not hand over the passport, but in my husband's case, they did give it to me when I showed him my husband's old passport.

  78. Hi... I applied for passport on 23/12/11..
    Police enquiry was done on 3/1/12...
    Initially my status was shown as
    "Police Verification (PV) has been initiated and a PV request has been sent to SP Office. Your passport will be dispatched after Clear Police Verification Report is received at Regional Passport Office. You would receive an email/sms once the passport is dispatched.

    Now(on 17/1/12) the status is "passport application has been granted and police verification report has been submitted.You would receive an email/sms once the passport is dispatched.
    By when can i expect to receive my passport??..

    1. Have u received passport Same status for me now. If yes, In how many days u have received?

  79. No idea Hitesh but as everything is cleared, it might be a matter of few days, may be a week.

  80. hi all
    i am very satisfied with the passport service provided in Bangalore,got an appointment online after Googling& finding the trick,
    i went to passport seva on 29 feb 2012 for reissue&ECNR showed my degree&privat phone company bill ,submitted application ,then suddenly on MARCH 8TH status shows ur application approved ,after 2days got a call for police verification, completed verification.Then on 14th march at 10:00pm night got sms ,passport has been dispatched ,next day morning post man comes ,since i was not at home, left a note & also left his number, so i when to the local post office in evening to collect my total 15 days that really good
    Few years back the passport office in MG road & Koramangala were horrible& corruption was very transparent,agents trying to dupe people etc ,i personally had to go many times to the RPO or ask friends if they knew people who could help inside,,now Passport seva is very transparent and effective&makes life easier .also do understand some times even now the system cannot be perfect & errors do happen ,but this time i am really happy with the change in service the government/person who has setup.

  81. Hi,
    I had one query if anyone can help. I have recently purchased a new flat. I got my address changed in the bank and hence current statement shows my current address. I want to apply for passport for my 4 month old daughter. Will last one year statement suffice as my current address proof even though I was staying at some other place for most part of last 1 year? My wife's passport has my name added, but my passport doesnt have her name. Will this be an issue while applying for my daughter's passport?

  82. Hi Pulkit,
    As far as I remember the bank letter and the statement will carry the updated address only , they will not mention your old address any more. I don't think there will be any issue if your passport does not have her name....but its better if you update your passport too as it is helpful in VISA interviews.

  83. After Police verification how much time passport office need to dispatch the passport.
    More then fifteen days has been elapsed after police verification the online status is not updated stating the police verification has been submitted and the status will be updated once passport is dispatched but not indicating even the probable time taken for printing and dispatching, Please let me know what exactly i need to do as I need passport urgently.

  84. I know of some cases where it took a month to get the passport..all I can suggest is keep calling the customer care/police station for quick response. You can also visit the commissioner's office as I guess all the reports are submitted there.

  85. I have applied the passport from bhopal on 24/02/12 but more than one month has gone I didnt get any police verification call and I need the passport within 15 days

  86. call your police station and ask them whether they have received your file or not.

  87. Hi Khushi. Really great post. Specially your comments are very helpful.

    I applied at the Chennai passport office for Reissue today and have been granted on "police verification on post issuance" basis. So I have a question. How many days after I receive the passport will the police verification happen? Will they come home or will they call up and ask me to come to the police station? The thing is I keep traveling all the time and if they call me, I can't come to Chennai immdly. I might take 2-3 days to come. Is that OK? Will they wait for me to come back?

    Also, I heard in some cases the police verification never happened? What then? What if I receive my passport and no police verification happens? Should I be worried or should we just leave it and not bother?

  88. Hi Prakash,

    In both my passport cases the police verification happened after 3/4 days. Police will call/sms you to come to the station. If you miss just let them know that you are unavailable for certain reason. They will understand. And it is totally on the police to do the verification not on you.

  89. hi Khushi,

    First of all , thanks a ton for the information. Almost every query I have in mind has been answered by your post. Really appreciate your effort in helping the public even after 2 years of getting your own passport. :-). I have my appointment tomorrow. Hopefully it will go on fine.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words Smitha...hope everything went well at the PSK.

  90. Really nice & detailed info, I too have to get my passport done. Thanks for sharing.

  91. hi,
    my status says "POLICE has completed verification process on 17/4/2012"Your passport will be dispatched after "clear" police verification report is received at regional passport will ge t an email/sms once your passport is dispatched"what does this mean and wen can i expect to get my passport

    1. Santhosh,

      This means the police verification report has not reached the passport office yet. It takes some time. If you are lucky enough your file will be sent within a week. But in most cases it takes time. You can contact your local police station where you went for the verification and they will tell you what is the status of your file.

  92. Police has completed verification process on 17/04/2012. Your passport will be dispatched after 'Clear' Police Verification Report is received at Regional Passport Office. You would receive an email/sms once the passport is dispatched.

  93. Hi Kushi,

    Its Nicely documented which is self explanatory.
    Thaks for such pool of information regarding Passport issuance/re-issuance.
    Good Job
    KEEP IT UP and All the best......

  94. hiii..i have applied for reissue of my passport,as my surname was written in given name,so iwant it to be written in surname what they will do,they will ask for a police verification again or not???

    1. I think yours will be either a post verification or a no verification. By the way have not you applied for a correction in the passport when you received it? In that case I think you don't have to go through all these procedures.

  95. i have applied for reissue of my passport,as my surname was not written in surname column,but it was written with my i have to go through the police verification again or not??

  96. Hai
    I am working Surat..,but applied my passport in Bangalore...Can i get a police Verification in Surat is it Possible?

    Can anyone help me out with this Query

    1. The police verification will happen where you are residing right now. Also if you have stayed in any other address in the past one year,you will have to get the police verification done in all those addresses.

  97. Hi Kushi

    Thanks for the writeup.
    I had applied for RE-ISSUE of passport.I am staying at the same address since 25 years.
    I was issued new passport on sep'11 on post-verification basis. Now my question to you and other knowledgeable readers is

    1)Why previous verification by police is not used in re-issue cases.

    2) Even in case of re-issue reverification police came to my house and took statement from neighbors in sep'11 and now in jul'12, my house still got a phone call from police station enquiring abt my passposrt details.

    3) What other documents apart from copies of address proofs provided during passport application are required at the police station.

    4) How this post issue verification is important in thw hole process since I have already received the passport and

    5)finally, how to check the status of the post verification at the police station

    many thanks


    1. 1. In many cases people do change their cities when they apply for re issue of passport. So they need a new police verification. Also, every time they check the authenticity of the applicant. So, a new police verification is done and all these data are recorded in you passport details.

      2. In my case, there was no verification done from my neighbors. This is another way to find out whether the applicant has been living in that address for the past one year.

      3. I submitted my ID proof, old passport copy, a letter filled with my address details and the new passport copy (mine was post verification).

      4. If you don't get a clear verification status from the police, it will be recorded in your passport data. You can see in every passport the old file number is mentioned. This will create problem when you will go to reissue your passport next time or it may trouble you when you go to travel abroad as the immigration might pull your data from the system.

      5. there is no way through which you can check it but if you are not asked by the police station to come again for verification,then your record is clean.

  98. Hi,
    Greetings. I applied for the passport renewal and they marked for post police verification.
    I have the following doubts:
    1) Am I physically required to collect the passport from post man? Will they deliver to my wife/family?
    2) What will happen if I am not present during police verification? Will they deactivate the passport already delivered?

    1. 1. I have already mentioned this issue in my other post "Re-issue of passport experience". I collected the passport from the post man on behalf of my husband. Though he was a little hesitant but somehow he got convinced and did not deny to hand it over to me. But in most cases they do ask the original person to be there.
      2. Nothing like that will happen. The police will give you some other time when you have to be present or you will have to visit the police station.

  99. this is actually quite informative....
    i have a doubt.. i have filled the online application and i have also got the appointment..
    but is it necessary to upload the documenst as well??
    because it is not mentioned in the process.
    it says u just get the appointment fixed' then visit them with the original and the copies..

    1. No it is not mandatory to upload the documents. But do carry all the originals and xerox copies when you visit the office.

  100. do i have to upload the documents as well??
    is it necessary??
    it is not mentioned..
    can i directly visit the psk with mmy documents??without uploading them

  101. Yes you can visit psk without uploading documents but ensure you carry all originals and photocopies with you while visiting psk. They will check the originals and upload the required documents.

  102. My passport experience
    It was my 2nd year of my b.tec I thought of taking passport ,well I planed for my higher studies.but I don’t have any proof to apply passport not even birth certificate,so I decided to take my birth certificate I went to my village to apply bith certificate finally I applied and returned hyd.
    It took nearly 6months to receive my birth certificate ok the time is running out I need to apply passport I think it was third year I applied for pancard wich supports for passport un fourtunately there was a spell mistake I again applied for same happened fuck I left it.
    Now I applied for MRO certificate as address proff for application of passport mentioned in it after applying I came to know it was not valid for passport application because rules are changed and now very strict rules in getting passport.
    Days are passing sorry months are passing now I applied for bank account with the help of ration card one day I called passport broker and I told what proofs I have he told 1year bank state ment is must ,I don’t have 1year statement not even 6months .i forgated to mention in between I applied for adhar card also.
    I tried in meny ways but I dint reach to passport again same passings of iam having 6months bank statement in between I tried for ias letter (verification certificate) one day I called passport broker and I told every thing I have.he told if u have ias letter u may have a chance in getting passport.
    I rushed to my relative he works for ias I told my problem he helped me in getting ias letter now iam having ias letter bank statement so I decided to apply passport broker booked slot for me I rushed passport office with my things.
    Waited in the queu for 1 hour atlast I reached token counter,shes is lady she took my file and said hye sorry u need 1year bank statement u cannot get passport I was un-happy I pleased her I told my problem she threw my file a side and told me to wait a side I waited 1hr a side nearly finally she called my name and offered token.
    Now I entered second counter here again another lady taken my file and checked every thing she told who offered u this token u cant get passport u having only 7months bank statement .
    I paid amount she took my photograph every thing and she called some other person he told me we need another proof we cannot grant passport though u have ias letter get driving licence or ration card.iam having ration card but theres is slight difference in address I told I don’t have any proofs only this he told get any proof if not it was no possible to face came home 1month passed 2nd month I applied for driving licence I got my driving licence in 1month as soon I rushed passport office and finished my formalities A=>B=>C=> EXIT my passport has been granted I applied in may 24th my file was teriminated because of no supporting proof now I submitted another proof it is july 19 my passport was granted.
    July20th my passport has been dispatched july 21st passport in my hands
    Thank god!!!
    Here I waited 2 years to get my passport.finally I finished my graduation at right time I got my passport .
    Happy this is my fucking experience

  103. hi khushi,
    really good info and thanks for creating this site

    i applied for a passport in feb 2012 through tatkal scheme where i produced a judge verification certificate and recieved it with in 15 days and had a post verification.

    i need to go for renewal because i got married in april i would like to include my spouse name since i am planning to join my husband in us by oct i have applied a slot in aug but my friends are saying that i may be in risk if i wont get the passport before my visa interview which is in sept 1st week. if i go for tatkal can i get it soon? since there is no address change i may not encounter verification can you please tell me how much time is required to get a new passport?

    please reply its urgent
    thankyou in advance

    1. Hi Sneha...if there is no address will be quicker I guess9might be 10 days or so)....but yes you are taking some risk as your visa interview is there. Hope for the best.

  104. Hi

    My wife's case is exactly same as yours with a slight twist.
    2 days back she got an SMS from police station for verification. We went there and they were asking for two address proofs (we had given only bank statement in passport office). We don't have second one.
    The PS guy suggested to get a domicile certificate within 3 days else he will send the file back.
    Today got an SMS from passport office that passport has been dispatched.
    She will get the passport tomorrow but we are worried coz police verification might end up negative.
    The old passport is already cancelled now. Donno what's going to happen. What would happen if post-verification fails? will they cancel the passport?

    What was your experience with police verification?


    1. It did not happen with my case I had given the bank address proof and also carried my rental agreement but they did not ask for the second one. Your passport will not be on hold since its a post police verification case.
      if the police verification is not cleared the passport office might inform you to get it done.

  105. While uploading an passport xml form i am getting
    "In present address, the entered PIN code does not lie in the selected district. Please re-enter." error

    Even though i entered proper pin no.
    Even i tried filling the online application, i am getting the above error.

    1. In that case you should contact the customer care to check about the problem. Also see if you can upload the form without the PIN and later you can add the PIN when you are in the passport office.

  106. Hi Khushi
    I appreciate your efforts in responding to so many queries on regular basis.
    And the process you explained is exactly what i went through, felt good to know that the process is followed in same manner across locations.
    I had applied for reissue of passport in lieu of lost passport and i am done with my appointment on 08/30/2012; i was informed that it will take next 1 week for the new passport as the police verification status was showing CLEAR on my old passport with no change in address. Currently the status shows as:
    "Police Verification has been initiated on Post PV basis to SP Office, District Khurda. Printing of your passport is in progress at the Passport office."
    Now i am not sure about my next action, whether i should go to passport office and do some followup; or should i go to police station for checking PV status (but status shows as post PV); or should i wait for few more days (i can't coz i need it urgently). What to do now I am clueless. Can you suggest!

    1. Hi Ashish,

      You have to wait for the passport to arrive first as the police verification will happen after you receive it. You can call the seva kendra customer care or go to the rpo to check the status of your passport.

    2. Current status shows:
      "Your Passport has been printed and You would receive an sms/email once the passport is dispatched."
      I'll wait for the sms/email. Thanks!

  107. Ashish - you got the passport?

  108. How to fix appointment for tatkaal applicant

    1. simply make an account in the PSK website and submit your application, after that there will be a link which says "make appointment", click it and choose tatkal option there.

  109. I have applied online for my daughters passport, 2 years old (minor).I and my wife hold valid passports, but the address does not match with the applicant's (daughter) address. Currently am living in rented apartment, since redevelopment work going on at permanent address. Have applied using current address as that of rented apartment.I don't have any other address proof apart from rental agreement. Plz advise if token can be availed at PSK on rental agreement basis. Note that i have photocopy of rental agreement whereas the original is with the owner.I have bank statement of PNB with address showing permenant address. Visiting mumbai PSK on 21/09/2012.Plz advise any alternatives for getting in through at PSK. Regards, Sachin Mane

    1. In minor's case they wont check the docs that strictly if both the parents have their own passports. You can add both the addresses in your application if you have lived in both of them for the past one year.

    2. Khushi,
      thanks for the reply. But sorry to say that I did not mention that this is the 2nd time I am applying for my daughter's passport. Earlier application closed and they asked me for re-application. My only worry is that current address proof as rental agreement would suffice or not??
      sachin mane

    3. Khushi,
      I have updated my PNB address to current address today. Also have got a copy of bank statement with current address. Hope this works as address proof. Will visit PSK tomorrow and will let know about the experience.
      Thanks and regards,
      Sachin Mane

    4. Had been to the passport office on 21st Sept. Expereince was very great and appreciate the work culture of TCS guys handling the job. As it was for minor's passport everything went very smmothly without any queue and waiting. The good thing is that i have got the address changed in the bank passbook which helped me a lot.they din't ask for any more address proofs.Waiting for police verification.Will update the status after police verification.
      Sachin Mane

  110. Great post Khushi. A real help for the new comers.
    I applied for re-issue of my lost passport on 24/09/2012 and the application online status changed to "A request for the Police Verification has been sent to the Mahadevpura Police station". Today the status shows "Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office". What does this mean?

    1. Will the police call me? if yes when?
    2. After the police clearance report reaches the RPO, my passport will get printed?
    3. I havent mentioned the phone numbers of the reference address of my neighbours in the application. What if they are not present in their house if the police visits them for enquiry?

    Please help as I am very eager to get my passport.

    1. Hi Monika,

      Is your passport a pre police verification one or a post one? If its post police verification , then you don't have to worry about the police call. As you will receive the passport before the verification.

      1. Whenever the verification would be done, the police will call you and in most of the cases they will ask you to come to the police station with all documents.

      3. The police never verify with the references , at least in my case they did not do it. So you don't have to worry about that. If they are not at home, either the police will come again or they will ask them to contact the station.

    2. Hi Khushi,
      Yesterday I got an sms from the police station calling me for police verification. I went there and today the status of my online application is - Passport application has been granted and Police Verification Report has been submitted. You would receive an email/sms once the passport is dispatched. :)

      What does this mean?
      - Is the police done with the verification or its possible that they still need to do something more?
      - Is there a possibility now for the police verification to fail?

      From ur replies and comments in the above posts, I assume I will receive the passport in a week or so.

      Thank you

    3. congrats means they will send you the passport as soon as it is printed. There is no more police verification needed.

    4. Hey Khushi, after I saw the status yesterday, when I checked the status again today, it shows "Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office." :(
      Why did they do this?

      If it means they are yet to do the police verification, why did they show the confirmed status yesterday? I am worried now. :(

    5. Do not means the passport is under printing processing.

    6. Hi Khushi,
      It has already been 10 days and the application status is "Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office."

      What should i do now apart from calling the customer care who asks me to visit RPO if the status doesnt change within a week?

      The police hasnt come for verification at my residence too.


  111. Have patience takes a little time.....wait for few more days and then you can go to the RPO to check the status there.

    1. Dear Khushi,
      The status as of today says - "Police Report has been submitted by Commissioner Office, District Bangalore and passport printing is in progress." :)
      Atleast now can I be relived that the Police Verification is over (though they havent yet come for one at my place or any of my reference's place) and I would receive my passport in few more days?


  112. Hi All,

    I applied for passport (Normal) online and got an appointment for 24-Aug-2012 (PSK, Marathahalli, Bangalore). I got my passport through speed post today (05-Oct-2012).

    ~Khushi Sharma

  113. Hey Khushi,
    Finally i got the passport today in my hands within 22 days of the application received date :)

    Thank you so much for the help and support.

  114. Hi Khushi

    Myn is the same case like MONIKA SHARMA . SO all the time following ths status of MONIKA . Finally got the passport the next day when Monika received her passport . Thanks for the updates given by you .


  115. Hi Khusi

    i am writing down about my passport status.Please provide your suggestion

    14th may 2012: I have applied for passport first time by visiting PSK patna through normal(not tatkal).

    01st Jun 2012: I got police verifivcation call from police station.

    I was not in the town so police returned the application after waiting 10 days .

    25th August 2012: Passport status updated that after clear police verification your passport will be dispatched .

    30th oct 2012: Police verification is initiated and sent to SP office.

    3rd Nov 2012: Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office.

    what is the next step and how much time it may take .

  116. Hi Yeshwant,

    your passport might be under printing wait for another 10/15 days. If you do not receive it by then,contact your local RPO for the status enquiry.

  117. is it possible that without police verification, passport would be issued.

  118. If your passport is a pre verification one, then police verification will happen before you get your passport.

  119. Bapreeeee....

    I guess its a famous blog. From Friday, October 29, 2010 to till date.

    I live in Kolkata, I got my passport in my hand after 2 & 1/2 months (appx) later after application.

    Now a days getting online application is like a miracle. Only 40 - 45 Secs, after that you will not get a single application date from a slot 1000 application.

  120. Hi Khushi,

    How long does the passport status says "Police Verification has been initiated on Post PV basis to SP Office. Printing of your passport is in progress at the Passport office. "

    How long doss it take to print? any idea?


    1. It depends on the my case it took around 7 to 10 days.

  121. Hi Khushi,
    Thanks for all the information you have shared.
    I have few concerns as follows:
    1)I haven't uploaded the documents while applying form online.So will it be fine if I directly go to the PSK office with the documents?
    2) I have the bank statement proof for the year June-11 to June-12 and I have applied for passport in Dec month. Even I don't have the letter from the Bank manager. So will it be fine or i need to get the latest bank statement?

    1. Hi Saira,

      1. you can directly go to the PSK with original and xerox copies of documents.

      2. I would suggest you to take the bank letter. Since, you applied in December, it is always advisable to get the current bank statement. If you had applied close to June 2012,then that bank statement would have been fine. Again, it is my opinion, do call the PSK customer care to verify this.

  122. Hey Khushi u've provided valuable info in helped me a lot....thank u! I submitted for a reissue (adding spouse's name) a call frm d police station within 2 hrs after leavin d psk even though d police verification mode was a post verification. Looks like the process has speeded up:-)

  123. The Passport office is not responding to normal phone calls or to your personal visits also they simply and rudely reply you. If all your documents are complete and if you still do not get your passport or services from Passport office, then simply register a complaint online regarding the delay (what Khushi has done here) and then See the Result. Since Emails are legal proof that you have lodged your complaint officially and Passport Office or Police Dept or Police Commissioner must respond or act on it, else you can take further legal action. Short and sweet Emails with you relevant details works fine with these Dept and if you send the same under Right to Information Act, that will make wonder for you. All the best ..


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