Thursday, April 21, 2011

U.S. Tourist Visa (B2) Experience at Chennai Consulate

Before going for my U.S. tourist visa interview at Chennai Consulate I was going through different interview experiences of people , but I could not find a detailed description of the whole process anywhere, like from filling up the form to the interview stage. Hence, I am writing the details of my  experience here. First, I went to the HDFC bank and deposited the visa fee (in my case it was INR 6960, including HDFC service charges) by cash (one can pay by DD/cheque also) at the visa counter and filled the receipt ( Do carry xerox of your passport as you will need to submit it ). The bank returned me 2  receipts , one pink and one blue receipt with bar codes pasted on them.  Then, after two business days which is the activation time taken after depositing  visa fee, I filled form D-160 online through the U. S. visa website At the end I printed my application form and the confirmation page. Next I took my appointment online and printed the appointment letter.

As I applied for a tourist visa and my purpose to visit U.S. was to accompany my husband while he was going for a business trip, I carried the following documents with me on the interview date :

1. Husband's B1 visa copy
2. Flight itinerary
3. My passport and husband's passport
4. Marriage certificate , wedding album , wedding invitation card
5. 6 months Bank statement
6. Acknowledgment letter and confirmation letter of interview
7. HDFC bank blue receipt (pink as well although that was not needed)
8. Educational certificates
9. Declaration letter from my husband stating that he will bear all my expenses
10.Husband's port of entry letter , company's HR letter , salary slips (6 months) , salary account statements

This is just a small list. You should carry every possible documents to support your visa application.
On the interview date I reached the consulate at 8:30 am, half an hour before my scheduled interview. I stood in a queue for another 30 minutes and then was issued a token at the entrance. After security check I entered in a hall where many people were waiting for their documents verification. I waited for another  20 minutes and then my token number was called at a counter. There I gave my passport, HDFC blue receipt, interview letter and confirmation letter. All these documents were kept in a pouch and I was asked to go to another counter where I gave my finger prints. Next I was directed to go to the adjacent building. There was a big hall with lots of sitting arrangements and few counters. When my token was called , I went to the specific counter and greeted the interviewer with a smile. I was asked for my husband's visa copy. Then the rest of the interview questions were like : purpose of visit, name of husband's company, when we got married , have I traveled outside India before, any child or job etc etc. No other documents were asked to be shown !!  And I was told that for some rules and regulations I was not given the visa :(( On my insistence the interviewer told me that she could not find enough ties in India for which I would come back (though I wasn't asked anything about my ties and I told her in the beginning that I am a housewife and dependant on my husband)!!  I thanked her and came back. Later, we realized that it might be the case that my husband has returned from the U. S. just 15 days before (after a month long trip) and again we are traveling for another 2 weeks , which made her suspicious that my husband might be working in U. S. or is in search of a job there for which I am going with him. God knows whatever is the reason but one thing is for sure these interviewers are very moody and its mere luck if your visa application is accepted or rejected.

My husband applied for B1 visa and he got it easily. Read his list of documents and interview questions here :


  1. This is good information. May I suggest that you show deeper links to home country - including letter from employer and property ownership to make your case stronger!

  2. thanks a lot for your suggestion.....but I do not work and do not own any property ....and also no children....hence I think I have to wait for sometime before I reapply for it.

  3. hi, feel sorry for being refused a visa. I can understand your plight. I am going for a B1 VISA interview tomorrow. I was confident until i read your post. I do hope i succeed; will write here after the interview tomorrow.

  4. Don't worry ...there are many people who get their my be confidant...and that will be so nice of you if you post your experience :)

  5. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

    Interview Questions India

  6. Hi all, can anyone share new experiences with tourist visa


  7. Im going to apply for a US tourist visa. Im from kerala nd my nearest consulate is chennai..i was so worried .but after reading your post i feel better..can you please tel me that wer i need to start .can i go to chennai consulate directly? Pls write here or email me your valuable suggestions to me if you can..that would be realy helpful for me...

    1. You will have to take an appointment online through the VISA website. There you will have to fill up form 160. Then only you can go to the Chennai consulate for the interview on the scheduled date.

  8. Many thanks for making this effort. Appreciate it

  9. HiKhushi,

    I have almost similar case as yours.Husband is on B1 and I plan to travel with him on B2. My interview is next week. I am an IT professional and would be taking my employment proof and approval of leave. What else do you think I should take with me. Also there a bag allowed because wedding album would be really big to carry along.

    1. Hi Surabhi,

      Since you have employment in India it would not be a problem for you as it will prove your ties with the home country. Also, no bags are allowed inside. Carry a transparent file with the documents and the album separately. I know it is hard to maintain everything.


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