Sunday, October 31, 2010

Domino's 30 minutes or free!!

Though I am a dedicated lover of  Domino's Pizza, I can't stop myself from sharing this bitter experience of Domino's  with you. As you all know the marketing funda behind Domino's popularity is their offer " 30 minutes warna free!!(as the ad says)". I  ordered for two medium size pizza on some Sunday afternoon and the bill came more than five hundred bucks. Even after 30 mins when the delivery boy did not come, I called up the Domino's store and asked the person whether I will have any offer for this delay or not. The person checked the system and informed me that I would get an off of three hundred rupees!! In the mean time the delivery boy rang the bell and the person instructed him over the phone to collect the rest of the bill amount. After 5 mins I received a call from the store and this time the person who had taken my order was at the other end. He was rude and impatient while talking to me. He simply argued that the time guarantee was till the security check,not after that and told em to return the money.Though I tried to make him understand that see I did not force you people for the three hundred rupees off,it was from your side only!! And now how can you be so aggressive about the miscommunication among your stuffs?

But he was adamant which annoyed me a lot and I refused to return the money as he did not accept it was their fault!He threatened me that he would make sure that no order will be taken from my phone number(as he will mark my number with bad comment),to which I told him that in that case I would drop a mail to Domino's customer care.Which I actually did that night!I wrote the whole thing with the billing details and the very next day morning I received a call from Domino's regretting about the incident. They apologized for the misbehavior and even asked me if I want the person to come to my house to say sorry personally.But I denied that and just told them what I need is a polite behavior from them now onwards.Thus things were sorted out.

So if you have ever faced any such problem don't just let it be like that use the option of feedback forms or customer care numbers.Sometimes they really work wonder like this!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Passport Experience

On a sad note I applied for re-issue of my passport. You must be surprised why sad?? Before applying I was going through the reviews about the passport related issues that people are facing for a long time. But as it was important to change my surname after marriage and  add my spouse name, I was left with no other option.

Then I came to know about Bangalore Passport Seva Kendra (in short PSK),where I learnt that the passport application procedure has become simple and hassle free. Here is the detailed description of how I finally got my passport in my hand:

First of all, on 26/09/2010 I applied online through website. There I filled up the form and submitted it . Also I scanned and uploaded four relevant documents(only four documents can be uploaded for one application and the size of each of the document must not be more than 1 MB). As I wanted to change my surname due to marriage and also my old passport was issued in some other place, so I provided
                      a. Address proof : one year bank statement and a letter from the bank manager
                      b. Old Passport copy : the front two pages and the back two pages with the ECNR
                           page(as my old passport had the ECNR page)   
                      c. Husband's Passport copy : same as above
                      d. Marriage certificate
In the next step, I scheduled an appointment(Important : from August the rule has been changed and now only online appointment are accepted in PSK, no one can  just walk in  without any prior appointment)to go to the PSK and I chose 9:00 to 9:45 a.m session on 12/10/2010. I went there well before time to avoid any queue but to my surprise there was none at the PSK till 8:00 a.m!! Anyways around 8:45 a.m I collected my token from the desk showing them my appointment paper. After entering the PSK center two persons were sitting near the gate and checking whether everyone had the proper documents or not. 
Then next I went to a counter where I showed my token and they asked a few documents and directed me to go inside. There was a guard who checked the token and asked to sign on it and then let me go inside.There was a waiting room with a display screen showing the token numbers and the respective counters where we have to go. But as it was the first session of the day(around 9: 05 a.m),there was no crowd and I was directly asked to go to counter no. A12 where a TCS person filled my form and checked my documents and also took a snap for the passport(now a days you don't have to carry with you photos as they click it over the counter :)) .Next I was asked for my finger prints. It took around 15 minutes as the person had to scan all my documents and my form and then he made a file with all my documents and asked for the payment.I paid One thousand rupees in cash and was given an acknowledgment.

Next I took the file with me and went towards counter B where the Verification officer was verifying documents.I had to wait for few minutes as there were only two VO counters open. At this counter it took only 2 mins as he just went through my marriage certificate.He told me the police verification will take place within 10 days and if I was in hurry,I could directly go to the police station with my file after 3 working days of submission.

Now there was a little crowd for counter no. C(Granting Officer counter)as only one C counter was open. After 15 mins or so my token number was called and they just took the file from me and canceled my old passport and returned it to me. I went to the exit door, with the  receipt  of  my application,where a person was giving the acknowledgment letter.I collected it and came out of PSK at 9: 45 a.m !!!! And also to my surprise I found that there is no pre-police verification required for my case,that means I will directly get the passport!!! :))

Now the endless wait for the passport began. I checked the website where in the status it was shown that I would receive a mail/sms once the passport is dispatched. I called the PSK customer care on 18/10/2010 asking for the status and also inquired for the delay of the passport(as it was mentioned in the website that the post police verification passports will be dispatched after 3rd working days of the submission of the passport,which means I should have received it on 18/10/2010). I was asked to wait. i was nervous as I knew it could take months to get a passport so I kept on calling the customer care daily and also emailed them stating my urgency to get the passport on time. Then I registered a complaint online regarding the delay.
I completely lost the hope of getting my passport within a month. But on 28/10/2010  at 6:00 p.m I received an sms  and a mail mentioning my passport number and the speed post number through which the passport has been sent. And the very next day that is on 29/10/2010 at around 3:00 p.m I got my passport in my hand! :)

Now I truly believe All's well that ends well ........cheers to Bangalore PSK system.

Hope my story would help you. Feel free to share your experience regarding passport application.
Read more about the recent passport experience of my husband here.

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