Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chakri paratha

Like the name sounds a bit unusual, same with the story of this recipe!! My husband was looking for some variation in the normal parathas that I make every time. He wanted a new shape in that (so kiddish)!! Hence this new paratha came to my mind (which he loved a lot).

Ingredients :

1. Flour- 2 cup
2. Water
3. Oil (1 tbs for dough and rest for frying parathas)
4. Jeera powder- 1/2 tsp
5. Salt- 1 pinch
6. Ghee- 2 tbs

Procedure :

Make a dough mixing all the above ingredients (except ghee). Keep the dough covered for 5 minutes in a wet cloth. Now make large balls from the dough and roll them such that they become long like a rope. Apply ghee on one side of the long strip. Start rolling the strip so that the side with ghee remains inside. The entire thing should look like a coil. Now start rolling these coils very softly so that the rings formed do not get separated from each other. Press the parathas with hand a little softly. Now heat oil in a flat surfaced tawa and fry the parathas. For more fun fry the parathas till they turn crunchy.

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