Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bangalore Call Taxi Review

Meru cab :
I always rely blindly on Meru Cab Service, Bangalore for call taxi service, until December 4, 2010. Though they charge INR 50 extra for phone booking, I was ready to pay that extra amount for the trust. I had an important examination on 5th December and for that I called Meru on 3rd night to book a cab. They informed me that they can not book a cab before 24 hours. Hence they asked me to call the next day. I was requesting them because I did not want to miss the cab service next day. They assured me that the booking would be done next day without any problem. But the next day there was no cab available when I called in the morning!!
Another instance of Meru cab service's negligence : I booked a cab for railway station drop in the morning for a 5:00 p.m. slot. I called again in the afternoon to check the status of my cab and was told its booked and the driver's details would be sent at 4:30 p.m. But at around 4:45 p.m. when the details did not reach to me I called back only to know that no car was available at that area at that point of time. They could provide a cab only after 2 hours!! It was very disgusting.....the last moment rush. I must say Meru cabs used to be a good cab service provider but now it has become very disgusting.

Garden city cab service : With no other option left with me, I booked a cab from this service provider on 4th December, 2010. And they assured the cab will come well before time so that there would not be any problem in finding my examination hall. And it did!! The driver was polite and came 10 minutes before time.

For the railway station drop I called Garden city cab and was given a cab within 30 minutes!! A really trustworthy cab service.


  1. I Party a lot. Thanks to Meru,I dont have to bother to drive back home after a party. Also I don't have to rely on my friends to drop me home. Yes but I do agree, that now that I have gotten used to Meru cab services, and expect to get a Meru cab every time I call. I am a little dissappointed when I don't get the cab. But then there are other options to look at.

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  4. Meeru cab services are crap, they are charging extra 50 in spite they are getting business from customers and also they don't come to railway stations and a big No to bus stop and the drivers are very rude. i can see that Meeru cabs will vanish like vapor within no time

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I was looking for such reviews.


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