Wednesday, November 16, 2011

H1B and H4 Visa Interview Experiences

Its a nice warm evening here in Austin and I am writing a new post for my blog after a long time. The absence from the blog was inevitable. We got relocated to U.S. This post is all about the hassle of visa processing. Here it goes.
My husband's company applied for his H1B in the month of July,2011 through some premium process. It got approved in August and then started the Visa stamping procedure. We bought the HDFC green and white receipt for both of us (I was applying for H4 visa) and the rest of the procedure was same as in the B1 and B2 case. We took a joint interview schedule.
We reached at Chennai U.S consulate just 15 minutes before our interview time. There was no queue ( generally you will find the queue in the morning hours only). One thing you should be careful about is the photograph. Our photograph was not a recent one so we were asked to take new photographs from the consulate photographer. The charge was INR 100 per person. So do carry some money with you as you never know when you will need it. After the first documentation, we went to the next building and then the painful wait started. There were so many parents who went for their visa and most of them were rejected. All were sitting there with a gloomy face. The atmosphere was really frustrating. After almost 2 hours, we were called for our interview. Phew......all my confidence was gone by that time :P......We were the last people to be interviewed before the lunch time. The interviewer asked my husband about the work he has to do and whether he has been to U.S before , his would be salary. To me he asked when did I get married and where. My voice was shaky. And our visas were approved!! It was hardly a two minutes interview. We got the passports delivered within 3 working days.

The only document that was asked from us was his petition.So prepare well and be very precise and practice well before your interview.


  1. Congrats to you both on your visas,I Understand about US visa interview,I have a lot of experiences when i stil back and forth from my country to US.

  2. could u tell me how you took a joint interview schedule?? did the both of u have to fill out the ds-160, or just the primary applicant??

  3. We both had to fill separate ds 160 as both our data were to be given to the consulate. When you will select the type of visa you are applying for, at one point an option will come whether you want to take family schedule. Click yes and continue filling the primary applicant's ds 160. Click the family options whenever it comes. After completing one ds 160, the next ds 160 will open autometically. Fill it up.

  4. Thank interview is next month...

  5. Hi..very helpful post..I am getting married this december in India..I want to appear for my H1-B visa interview along with my would be wife for her H4. What status to mention in DS-160 form now since we are not married yet, but will be married at the time of the interview.
    Also, how to schedule single appointment for both of us ?

  6. I am not sure about this situation. I think it will be better to call them and ask.
    Once you will select your visa type while filling for DS 160, you will get an option for individual or family interview. Click family interview and you can fill both the DS forms one by one and will be able to schedule a single interview.

  7. was both the interviews together? the h1b and h4?? at the same window?

  8. Hi, thanks for the post.

    We both planning for H1b and H4 together , do we need to take Hdfc challans separately ? Or one fee is enough?


  9. Do we need to pay the fee sePerately for h1b and h4? Or one fee is for both?

    1. Hi Anil,

      You will need separate HDFC receipts for h1 and h4.


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