Sunday, May 1, 2011

Corn Stuffed Mushroom Bowl

Ingredients :

1. Mushroom- 1 bowl
2. Sweet corn- 1 cup
3. Mustard seed- 1/2 tsp
4. Mutton masala powder- 1/2 tsp
5. Salt to taste
6. Worcestershire sause- 1 tbs
7. Mushroom soy sauce- 1 tsp
8. Tomato ketchup- 1 tbs
9. Vinegar- 1 tbs
10. Black pepper powder- 1 tsp
11. Cumin powder- 1 tsp
12. Olive oil
13. Cheese- 1/2 cup

Procedure :

First separate the mushroom tails from the umbrellas and keep the umbrellas in worm water for 30 minutes. Heat 2 tbs oil in a pan and add mustard seeds , corn , mutton masala , salt ,  all the sauces , vinegar , pepper , cumin powder and small pieces of mushroom tails. Cook it for 6 to7 minutes until it dries up. Now add the mushroom umbrellas to it and fry them for 3 to 4 minutes. Add half of the cheese to it and mix well. Remove it from the flame. Now place each mushroom umbrella like a bowl and stuff them with the corn mixture and add some grated cheese on top of it. Serve it hot.

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