Monday, May 30, 2011

Dhokla Recipe

Dhokla is one of my favorite Gujarati snacks. And today I tried my hands on it . And when I looked at those yellow soft cubes , that I made , I just could not help but dance all around my kitchen  ....:P. I have made this in microwave....but next time I will surely try the pressure cooker method.

Ingredients :

1. Gram flour (Besan)- 1 cup
2. Semolina (suji)- 2 tbs
3. Salt to taste
4. Sugar- 1 tbs
5. Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
6. Sodium bi carbonate- 1/4 tsp
7. Eno fruit salt- 2 sachets
8. Ginger paste- 1/2 tsp
9. Green chilly paste- 1 tsp
10. Lemon juice- 3 tbs
11. Water- 3/4 cup
12. Oil- 3 tbs

For Tadka :

1. Oil- 2 tbs
2. Water- 1 cup
3. Mustard seeds- 1 tsp
4. Green chilly (halved)- 4 to 5
5. Lemon juice- 2 tbs
6. Sugar- 4 tbs
7. Coriander- few chopped
8. Coconut (grated)- 2 tbs for decoration purpose

Procedure :

First sift the besan properly so that no lumps remain there. Now add the suji , salt , sugar , oil , turmeric , ginger paste , chilly paste and water to it. Mix well so that no lumps remain there (mixing more will help your dhokla to be fluffy). Add more water if the batter remain a little thick. Make the batter thin so that it drops from your spoon. Add the lemon juice to it and mix well. Now grease a micrwave safe flat dish with a little oil. Remember this greasing is a very important part as if you do not grease the bowl your dhoklas will break down while removing from the bowl.

Now pour the batter into the bowl and mix soda and eno and just lightly mix it. Immediately cover the bowl with cling film and prick the film at few places. Microwave the mixture for 5 to 6 minutes at high level. Give another 7 to 8 minutes standing time to the dhokla. 
Now prepare the tadka. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and heat it over medium flame. Water will start boiling , reduce the flame and keep on cooking it until the water level reduces a little.
Spread the tadka over the dhokla and let it soak the tadka for another 15 to 20 minutes. This will make the dhokla little soft and at the same time the dhokla will catch the taste of the tadka very well. Cut the dhoklas into rectangles and decorate with chopped coriander leaf and grated coconut. Serve them with green chutney and tamarind chutney (for green chutney refer to pani puri recipe and for tamarind chutney refer to papdi chaat recipe ).


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  2. Thanks a lot Farhan for such encouraging words :)


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