Sunday, October 31, 2010

Domino's 30 minutes or free!!

Though I am a dedicated lover of  Domino's Pizza, I can't stop myself from sharing this bitter experience of Domino's  with you. As you all know the marketing funda behind Domino's popularity is their offer " 30 minutes warna free!!(as the ad says)". I  ordered for two medium size pizza on some Sunday afternoon and the bill came more than five hundred bucks. Even after 30 mins when the delivery boy did not come, I called up the Domino's store and asked the person whether I will have any offer for this delay or not. The person checked the system and informed me that I would get an off of three hundred rupees!! In the mean time the delivery boy rang the bell and the person instructed him over the phone to collect the rest of the bill amount. After 5 mins I received a call from the store and this time the person who had taken my order was at the other end. He was rude and impatient while talking to me. He simply argued that the time guarantee was till the security check,not after that and told em to return the money.Though I tried to make him understand that see I did not force you people for the three hundred rupees off,it was from your side only!! And now how can you be so aggressive about the miscommunication among your stuffs?

But he was adamant which annoyed me a lot and I refused to return the money as he did not accept it was their fault!He threatened me that he would make sure that no order will be taken from my phone number(as he will mark my number with bad comment),to which I told him that in that case I would drop a mail to Domino's customer care.Which I actually did that night!I wrote the whole thing with the billing details and the very next day morning I received a call from Domino's regretting about the incident. They apologized for the misbehavior and even asked me if I want the person to come to my house to say sorry personally.But I denied that and just told them what I need is a polite behavior from them now onwards.Thus things were sorted out.

So if you have ever faced any such problem don't just let it be like that use the option of feedback forms or customer care numbers.Sometimes they really work wonder like this!!

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