Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When dreams come true....

Whenever I look at the sea,the thousand shades of blue color hypnotize me. It has always been my dream to spend time with my hubby at any beach-side holiday destination and it happened on my 23 rd birthday on 22nd of June,this year!! After a lot of discussion and reading a lot of reviews(through Google) we zeroed in to Mauritius to celebrate my birthday and also for a romantic honeymoon trip.

Aerial view of the island
As  the flight took off from Bangalore on 21 st morning I could feel butterflies in my stomach for my first foreign trip. The 7 to 8 hours flight was quite so-so(as I found the seats very uncomfortable). Then we landed in a different world which exactly looked like the pictures we had come across in different magazines or fancy books. As there was almost one and a half hour difference in Indian and Mauritian timing, we set our watch according to the local time. Then there was a 2 hours minibus journey from the SSR airport to our resort-Movenpick resort and spa. The first thing came to our mind was......we were in Heaven!! It was so neat and clean and the resort's staff was so polite.

The Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean was just a few steps away from our deluxe room!! The morning breakfast used to start with the
Movenpick Resort
birds chirping all around you and the fresh air bringing the salty smell of the Ocean.Then a stroll at the beach(collecting shells and competing with my hubby who could throw them the farthest) and competing with the water( the kiddish game.....will the water catch me or will I succeed in making it fool). We also went for the North and South Island tour on two different days. The north part was more like a city with markets, big shopping malls, fort, casino(though we did not have the courage to try our luck :P), some factory outlets etc etc.

But the South island's scenic beauty was charming. There was the dormant volcano(trou aux cerfs), the Ganga talao (believed to be as pious as our Ganges), seven colored earth (the chamarel) and the big water falls.
seven colored earth

The under water corals
chamarel waterfall

Botanical garden

And how can I forget about my most memorable birthday till date!!
It was a breezy and chilly night. We walked hand in hand through the dim lighted lanes to reach to our candle-light dinner place. It was a pool side table. The guitarist created a magic throughout the night with his collection of romantic musics. The champagne and food was really good. And the pastry was the perfect desert for such a perfect dinner date.

Keeping all such pleasant memories of seven days in my heart I left Mauritius promising to myself that we would come back again and again to rekindle the love in our relationship.


  1. Me likes it!! :D :D
    Kavi, Edible Entertainment

  2. how much did this entire vacation cost?


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