Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gajar ka halwa


1. Carrot - 10 medium
2. Sugar to taste
3. Milk - 250 ml
4. Cashew, raisin and cardamom(green)
5.  Khowa
6. Ghee - 3 / 4 tbs


Grate the carrots in scraper properly and heat in a non stick kadhai in low flame.
Add cardamom and 6 to 7 tbs of sugar to it and mix well.
When the water dries up in the vessel add milk slowly and stir it to  mix.
You have to stir the  mixture every 5 mins , gradually the milk will dry up.
Taste it and add sugar if you want to make it more sweet.Or else add khowa for garnishing.
If the sweetness is ok remove the vessel from oven and add cashew, raisin and ghee and mix thoroughly.

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