Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ajwainee Arbi ( Colocasia with Carom Seeds)

The edible root part of colocasia plant is used as potato and also known as "taro"  or  "arbi/arvi". I have already given a kebab recipe for the arbi. But the easiest method to prepare arbi is to make a fried ajwainee arbi. It takes just 10 minutes to cook this recipe. And you can eat it with daal , roti. 

Ingredients :

1. Arbi- 1 bowl
2. Red chilly powder- 1/2 tsp
3. Ajwain (carom seed)- 1/2 tsp
4. Salt to taste
5. Oil
6. Lemon juice (optional)

Procedure :

First put the arbi and one glass of water in a pressure cooker and cover the lid of the cooker. Cook the arbi on medium flame until one whistle. Remove it from the flame and let it cool down.

Now remove the skin of the arbi and press them between your palms to give them almost a flat surface. Keep them aside. Heat 3 tbs oil in a pan and add carom seed , salt and red chilly to it. Mix well and add the arbis one by one. 

Fry them on low flame and turn them when they will turn brown. Add some more oil if needed.

After 4 to 5 minutes turn off the gas and keep the arbis on a paper napkin to remove the excess oil. Spread lemon juice on the arbis if needed. Serve them hot.


  1. Kushi- nice receipe with minimum masalas. I love arbi and this is a treat to me. Saw you visit my blog. Will be most happy if you become my friend/follower. I have become your follower.

  2. will be extremely happy to follow you :)

  3. Dear Khusi
    I like this recipe , I like Kochu-r mukhi and this recipe is very new for me, Will cook soon.

  4. Its one of my favorite "bhaja-bhuji" (fried recipe) :)
    Do let me know whether you liked this one or not.

  5. Dear Khusi
    I am in kitchen and making this dish...the laptop is right here in Kitchen...good luck to me...awesome recipe
    Have a nice day

  6. What a coincidence!! I will make this tonight :)....wish u all the will rock :)

  7. Dear Khusi
    Saw your comment at my blog. The photo looks redish because of flash and may be slightly over fried. I normally dont use a flash in food photography..but some times the light is insufficient..
    Have a nice day

  8. there is no problem with the color uncle.....I liked the red color ....And thanks once again that you tried and liked the recipe :)

  9. Delicious arbi recipe. I try the same with coriander powder but now I will give a try with ajwain.

  10. thanks Sutapa....and coriander powder seems to add a great flavor too :)


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