Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have been Tagged!!

Its been long time , my friends Kaveri ( Palakkad Chamayal) , Mugdha (Cooking Fundas) and Ramya ( Ramya's Recipe) had tagged me for the game of  7 Links. But I am late in posting it. Its just that I did not get time to write down this post. I wanted to go through all my posts and choose the perfect ones for the links. Hence , I am late :(
But its always better late than never. I am not going to describe the game as I guess all of you have done this.

Here we go :

The most beautiful post :
All the recipes are the fruits of my hard work and my passion. So to me all of them are just beautiful. Its really difficult to choose one!! But if I have to pick one , it will be the Chicken and Mushroom Kebab with Olive Paste. The pictures of the recipe are simply too good ( I know I am blowing my own trumpet :P...after all I have been asked to do that through this game .....right??). There is one more reason to choose it. The taste and the texture of the dish. Its truly beautiful.

The most popular post :
 If I have to go by the page views then there are two : the Rasgulla and Pani puri recipes. Both are my favorites too. I still feel so good whenever I make those perfect puffed puris and the soft spongy rasgulla (exactly like store bought).

The most controversial post :
Though I don't have any such recipes ( I love to stay away from see) , but I would like to tag my Sweet Jack fruit Nuggets. Its been appreciated by each and every commenter. And all of them found it very unique and a surprise to them. So for that uniqueness , I am tagging this recipe here.

The most helpful post :
I don't know how much helpful it is for others , but for me its a very helpful recipe. Its a quick and tasty snacks recipe , which is helpful on the occasions when you have to make something quickly for some guests on a short notice. The Paneer- corn Grilled Pizza. And the best part is , nobody would ever say no to it. Even the kids will love to have a piece of it. 

The post that was surprisingly successful :
How about the Wasabi Prawn recipe? While I was busy with the ingredients , my husband made a comment " will you use condensed milk and mayonnaise? Are you sure it will taste okay?" It made me think for 2 minutes but I decided to go ahead with it. After all cooking is all about taking risk (according to me). And it did not turn out was too good!! He used most part of the mayonnaise sauce and liked the light sweetness of condensed milk. 

The post that did not get the attention it deserved :
 It has to be the Chicken in Strawberry and Red Wine Sauce. I had put a lot of hard work in choosing the ingredients. The combination of strawberry with red wine was something you should look for in a unique dish. It definitely needed some more attention (though I don't wanna cry like an attention seeker  :) I am happy coz my hubby had appreciated this dish a lotttt ). I think its the use of wine that made everyone we generally don't use it in our day to day cooking.

The post I am most proud of :
Its an old post , the Nawabi Mutton Masala. Though the photo does not look impressive as at that time I did not pay attention towards photography :( , still I am literally proud of this recipe. The aroma of the different masala was so tempting , that when my husband opened his lunch box at the office , his colleagues came to his desk to have a look what he was eating. And as many of them were vegetarian , they could not have a bite but they appreciated the smell a lot. And others (the non-vegetarians) just loved it.

Now I am tagging all of my friends whoever has not been tagged yet by anyone else ( I think I am quite late for this ) to come and join this game.


  1. Liked reading thru your favorite posts..

  2. Nice collections khusi. Keep up the good work.


  3. nice write up...the rasagullas look wonder it is popular.

  4. yummy the rasgullas in particular.
    Cute Triple Award waiting for you at my blog. Please collect :-)

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  5. Congrats for being tagged by 3 friends, I am always fan of your unique recipes, good work dear..

  6. Lovely round up all the dishes are so delicious specially the rasgullas!

  7. Liked going through your favorite dishes

  8. All the recipes are looking delicious and inviting.

    Hamaree Rasoi


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