Friday, July 15, 2011

Home Made Rasgulla

It is a favorite sweet among Bengali people. It is quite easy to make those soft white balls at home.

Ingredients :

1. Milk (500 ml packets)- 3
2. Lemon juice- 2 tbs
3. Sugar to taste
4. Water- 2 glass
5. All purpose flour- 1/2 cup

Procedure :

First boil milk in a deep bottom kadhayi and add the lemon juice to it. Stir the milk occasionally until chenna is produced and collected at the top. Now drain the water and keep the chenna under running water for 10 minutes. Squeeze the chenna properly to remove water from it. Next mix flour with chenna and knead them into a smooth dough. Now make medium size balls from the dough and keep them covered with a wet cloth. Heat the water and sugar in a pressure cooker and when the water starts boiling , add the balls slowly. Cover the lid and cook it over low flame until the first whistle blows. Cool the cooker and remove the lid. Take the rasgullas out in a bowl.

Sending this to Nayna's Event - Flavours of Rajasthan.
And to What's everyone having for Iftar.
Any One Can Cook :series 26 event.
Sending it to Indian Methai Mela.


  1. Wow !! This looks as spongy as store bought. They have really come out awesome!!

  2. Your rasgullas have turned out really well. Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  3. hi khushi....your blog is pretty impressive and rasgullas looks yummy...Visit me at


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