Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chocolate Frappé

 It takes only 5 minutes to prepare this wonderful glass of frappé.

Ingredients :

1. Creamer- 6 large tsp
2. Sugar- 3 tsp
3. Milk (cold)- 1 cup
4. Chocolate syrup- 3 tbs
5. Cocoa powder- 2 tbs
6. Dark chocolate- 1 cube
7. Cream (whipped)- 3 tbs
8. Coffee powder-1/4 tbs

Procedure :

Put the creamer , sugar , milk , syrup , cocoa powder , coffee powder and cream in a blender and blend it properly. Decorate the glass with the syrup (if you want to) and pour the mixture from the blender. Add the crushed pieces of dark chocolate on top of it and serve it cold.

Sending this recipe to Signature recipes event.
Also to the Any One Can Cook :series 26 event.


  1. delicious and mouthwatering one,kids will love this for sure

  2. beautiful dear...i love chocolate will surely try this

  3. i want to sip it now .....its so yummy...i love it

  4. Its super yummy super delicious...pass me the glass plz..[;-)
    I shared some awards with u...please collect them from my

  5. Thanks a lot Mugdha for the awards :)

  6. I am the only one at my home who love chaco flavour...Looks perfect as we get in restaurants...

  7. Wow! I would love to have this any time, nice presentation. Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  8. I am sure chocolate frappe will be yummy,tasty and delicious.

  9. I love coffee in any form.
    This one looks so good & i'm sure it tastes heavenly!!


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