Friday, July 1, 2011

Crunchy Apple Delizia

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.....that is what my in laws and my hubby believe blindly. But I hate to eat apples :(....Though my hubby knows this fact very well , he bought few apples last weekend and warned me that this time he does not want to see any rotten apple in the dustbin. So I had no other option but to eat them. 
Then an idea came to my mind , if I add some other ingredients with the apple , may be I will like the taste. So I started an experiment this afternoon with the rest of the apples. And I came up with this dessert , called Crunchy Apple Delizia.

Ingredients :

1. Apple- 1/2
2. Powder sugar- 1 cup
3. Butter- 1 cup
4. Almond (grated)- 6 to 7
5. Lemon juice- 1 tsp
6. Orange juice- 1 tsp
7. All purpose flour (Maida)- 3 large tbs
8. Sooji (rawa / semolina)- 1 tbs

Procedure :

Cut the apple into small pieces. Add 1 tsp butter in a non stick pan and add the apple pieces to it. Cook it for 2 minutes and then add 2 tsp of powdered sugar , lemon juice and orange juice to it. I have added this two juices to give the whole thing a nice sweet and sour taste and also to balance the sweetness of the dish. Stir the mixture occasionally until it dries up. Now remove it from the flame.

Next add maida , sooji , 1 tsp almond and 3 tbs butter in a non stick kadhayi. Roast the whole mixture over low flame. Break the lumps formed by butter and maida. Now add 3 tsp powdered sugar to it and mix well. Turn off the heat after 4 to 5 minutes when the mixture turns light brown in color. Now dry roast the remaining almonds and keep them aside.

In serving bowl place the apple pieces first , then the maida mixture. Decorate with the roasted almonds and serve.

Sending this to Whip Up Something New event and Iftar Moments Hijri 1432 event. Also to the event What's everyone having for iftar. Also sending this to the ABC series- A for Apple.


  1. Super delicious and quick dessert..wonderful..

  2. innovative delicious looks wonderful

  3. Yumm yum .. new recipe and looks delicious. First time here .. following you.

    Event: Fast food not Fat food

  4. Very innovative and fantastic recipe.

  5. Love the crumble topping on top, looks very delicious. Thank you for sending it to Iftar Moments :)

  6. Sounds delish! Going on my pile of recipes 'to try'! :)

  7. really very innovating..nd very tempting too. loved it

  8. thanks a lot Gnoe and saffronstreaks..:)

  9. this is a lovely dessert. i found this dish in the iftar roundup...Would you like to send this to my Apple event. Archived entries are welcome. Please check the event page for details

    ONGOING EVENT: ABC Series - A for Apple

  10. thanks for sending to my event. the picture has appeared now

  11. khushi, please collect participation award from my blog


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