Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fritto Apple Wheels

Have you ever thought of making a bhajiya with apple???...If not yet , then do it right now. The apple bhajiyas taste so good!! When you will fry the apples coated with flour , they will turn a little mushy....the chilly flavor of the coating and the sweet flavor of the apple inside will make you go crazzzyyyy ;)...Try it soon.

Ingredients :

1. Apple- 1
2. Maida (all purpose flour)- 4 tbs
3. Cornflour- 4 tbs
4. Yeast- 1/4 tsp
5. Powdered sugar- 1/2 cup
6. Cinnamon powder- 1 tsp
7. Black salt- 1 tsp
8. Salt- 1/4 tsp
9. Oil
10. Green chilly- 2

Procedure :

Add 1 tbs warm water to the yeast and keep it aside for 1 minute. Add a pinch of salt to it. Now mix maida , cornflour , salt and 1 tbs sugar in a large bowl. Add the yeast water to it. Add little water to make a batter (do not make the batter too watery , it should stick to the apple pieces). Add chopped green chilly to it and keep it aside for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Meanwhile cut the apple into thin round slices. Heat oil in a kadhayi for deep frying. When oil is ready , dip the apple pieces into the batter and fry them. Fry them for 3 to 4 minutes and turn the other side. 

After frying remove them from the pan and keep on a paper napkin. While serving , sprinkle the powdered sugar , a little black salt and cinnamon powder on top of it.

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  1. innovative delicious I haven't made like this

  2. Never heard of this.. Looks new and interesting.. Yummy clicks..

  3. wow love thin thin yummy fritters

  4. Yummy bhajias...never thought of making bhajias out of apples

  5. Thanks for ur sweet words @my space...no one knows my nick name is khushi..so same pinch...following u dear...my toddler loves these fritters...Yummo..


  6. very new and interesting recipe.nice name too

  7. That is a totally new idea. Who could have thought of apple pakoda

  8. wow mindblowing...awesome idea to hav apples...love it...hats off 2 u..:)

  9. This looks new and delicious. Alternate way of eating them.


  10. Thank you every one for such lovely words :)
    And Mugdha....thanks u made my day :)

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  12. innovative idea...thanks for linking to my event


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