Friday, November 26, 2010

DTDC courier service

Few years back it was the postal service which people used for sending letters, gifts or any other articles, but now as the time has become dearer to us, we are ready to bear extra expenses to get our work done in time. Hence people like me, who stay away from their families, must know how much we depend on courier services nowadays to send/receive gifts or important articles. 
I have been using DTDC courier service for the past one year though they charge a little extra and the reason behind that is the location I send the couriers to, has only DTDC as service provider.I have no problem with that extra charge only if the couriers reach in time!! Yes I am saying that from my past experiences......First time (on August 3rd,2010)  when I sent a courier I was surprised that the status of my consignment was not getting updated in the DTDC website (  even after 5 days of sending it. I immediately called up the customer care at Bangalore who told me that they have lost the track record of my consignment and asked me to wait for 24 hours so that they could resolve the matter. Though I was annoyed I had no other option but to keep mum. And after few hours I received a call from DTDC that they have asked the courier boy to deliver the consignment to the address and they did.
Next time (i.e. on October 8th) I did not want to take any chance, so sent the courier well before the date it must reach the place. It showed in the website that the consignment had reached there on 9th,so I was a bit relaxed that time. But it did not get delivered even on 10th. Again  I followed the same procedure......this time the customer care assured me that the courier would be delivered on 10 th only. I even managed to get the number of the branch which had the consignment with it and called them on that day. They apologized for the delay and said it would be done the next morning. This time I thought of registering an official complaint against that particular branch of DTDC. And I did that through filling up the complaint form of DTDC provided in their website. But nothing happened.....after one month I received a mail from some other branch of DTDC giving me a detailed status of my consignment i.e. its date of delivery, address of recipient which I already knew!! That was the only reply I got for the complaint I made!!

Third time it happened just 2 days back, on 24th November. My dad sent me an urgent courier which weighed at around 700 grams. The DTDC branch told him to do it through their Metro Plus category as it was super fast service and the courier would reach the next day or they would return the money. Dad paid INR 450 /- for that service. But again it did not reach on 25th. When my dad inquired about it in the DTDC branch they told him that the consignment was with Bangalore branch but they did not deliver it...but they assured it would get delivered on 26th morning. It did!! But my point is if you are charging for a better service then please provide that or do not cheat public. Lets see now whether they would really keep their promise to return the money or not. But to me DTDC courier service is not worthy enough for the price they charge.

P.S. DTDC has not returned the money as they claim the train got delayed after the flight as if we are responsible for that!!!


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  2. This is with ref to.
    Consignment no:R03909330
    dated:December 28, 2012
    Booking Office: Kozhencherry ,Kerala

    My name is Lavanya Sethi I had sent a courier through the DTDC Courier which contains my some important documents, which has still not been received at the desired destination. However the online DTDC tracking site shows in transit.
    When I contacted DTDC they informed me as follows "we regret to inform your goodself that despite of best of our concerned offices efforts, we were unsuccessful in tracing out your consignment and stands misplaced in transit/mention place, as confirmed from our Cochin Branch.
    I filed the complaint on Consumer Court site also but still not got any response.
    Please suggest a solution for the same.


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