Thursday, November 25, 2010

Taste of Rampur, Bangalore

It was certainly a windfall for me as my hubby got a leave on Monday, 22nd of November. We searched on Google for a suitable lunch buffet on weekdays and we came across Taste of Rampur @ Koramangala, Bangalore. We had already been there few months back for a dinner and we liked the ambiance at  that time. So we decided to go for it for the weekdays lunch buffet that they were offering at INR 199 plus tax. We booked our table over the phone (080-41467000 given in the website). The restaurant is situated near Forum mall and close to Standard Chartered building. 

We were there 10 to 15 minutes before our time. But as it was a weekday there was no crowd waiting for their turn. We chilled out with a large whiskey and a gin as the buffet took a little more time to get served. The place was cozy, dim lighted and the waiters were very polite and helpful. They served hot kebabs, chaat and variety of salads. there were two types of non-veg (both chicken) kebab and two veg (fried masala cauliflower and corn-potato tikki ) kebabs. Among the salads I liked the boiled potato one but my hubby liked the sweetcorn one. The chaat was awesome and I guess it was a nice surprise for all the spicy-food lovers like my hubby. The main course included jeera rice, chicken biriyani, naan/roti, one chicken dish and one mutton dish. In veg menu there were palak paneer, daal tadka and some sukhi sabzi. And as always I was after green salad (specially cucumber) and plain curd as they are good for their digestive property. In sweet corner we had two options : gajar ka halwa (which according to my hubby was not as good as the one I usually prepare at home) and shahi kheer. Also we had a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. We enjoyed every item of the buffet and the ambiance. The Monday lunch ended on a happy note.

And the most important part of the story is that please carry cash with you as they do not accept any cards!! :(


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