Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Tale of Little 'Zing' - Part 1

It is a story of a little girl, say 'Zing' who was born in a small town of eastern India in late '80 s. When her mom was going to the hospital before her delivery, her elder sister told her mom that she wanted a brother to play with, not a sister. When her mom asked if you had a sister then? She blatantly told " I will flush her in our toilet". God was amazed with this statement and gifted the mom a baby girl......'Zing'. Thankfully she was not flushed and was warmly welcomed in the family.
Little Zing was an 'angel' to her mother as she did not cry much to disturb her mom's daily routine, Zing never made her mom run after her for food. Zing was happy with her little pillow and her left thumb (yes.....it was her candy...and she was so much addicted towards the thumb that even at the age of 10 she could not get rid of that habit......and how she came out of it is another story which I will tell you later). Her  elder sister who was just 6 years older than her, became a little responsible as she was learning to do her works on her own.
When Zing turned 5, she showed her love for one food called "chi chi".......it was fish. But poor Zing , her dad was out of the town for his job at that time and mom was too busy handling the house and the two daughters. She could not manage a fish every time. So her mom came up with an idea......she used to fool her with fried brinjal saying that it was "chi chi". God knows whether Zing could catch the bait or not....but after a few years she started disliking fish like hell!!
In Zing's neighborhood there was a family of 5 people... the granny, grandpa and their 3 children all were at the age of 30's. Zing was their favorite toy......whenever she used to go to their house they used to give her one chocolate in her hand. And in the name of Zing, grandpa also used to eat a few chocolates. They were the 'bestest' friends of Zing. Here are few instances of how much they loved Zing: 
When she was very young and could not walk, one day she fell from her bed and she rolled beneath the bed. Unable to come out of that place poor Zing cried loudly and started banging her head against the wooden leg of the bed. Her mom was in the bathroom, so she could not come out and was trying to soothe her from the bathroom just by singing and some consoling words. Soon Zing's cry turned into scream and her granny came running to her house to see whether every thing was alright. Granny knocked the door madly, and then Zing's mom  had to come out of bathroom and they finally saved little Zing. After that on her granny's insistence, Zing's mom used to keep Zing at the granny's house whenever she used to be busy with her work.
On another day her mom was feeding her milk and rice. Zing ,being a naughty girl , kept on running all around their yard. She was running up and down the staircase without listening to her mom...... one of her uncles was present in their house at that time. Suddenly she stumbled and missed a step. She came rolling down the staircase crying all the way. Her uncle rushed quickly to hold her but could not stop her. Here again,  came the granny and her daughter.....they put some sugar on Zing's lips as it was bleeding. Zing was crying badly but soon she calmed down as she got busy in licking her sweet lips..
One thing was for sure that Zing was mastering the art of rolling!!

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