Sunday, November 21, 2010

Experience @ Vodafone Store,Koramangala

Recently due to some government rules all the mobile phone customers are being asked (by SMS or call) to resubmit their identity documents. The same happened with me also. I got an SMS to do the same for my two Vodafone connections on 11/11/2010. I did not delay it because I did not want any disruption in my connection. So I reached my nearest Vodafone store that is at Koramangala, Bangalore, on 13/11/2010. It was around 12:30 p.m. As I told one Vodafone store representative about my purpose to visit the store, he gave me a token number and asked me to wait for my turn to talk to one of the customer care representatives. My token number was 103 and at that time the token which was been called, was 69!! As it was going to be a long waiting period for me so I went out to do some other work and returned there at around 2 p.m. After half an hour wait, my token was called. As soon as I explained my purpose, the representative asked me to stand in a queue where I would have to submit all the documents. It was the same Vodafone person (who gave me the token) who was giving forms to everyone standing in the queue. He did the same mistake with 2 other people who were asked to wait with their token and then sent directly to that line. I was getting annoyed for that wastage of my time. Then I collected two forms fro him saying that I need forms for my post paid connection. He gave me two of them. In a hurry I filled up them as the queue was getting longer and there was rush. When I submitted the forms and gave my address and ID proof, they took my originals to get them xeroxed. It was another wait of 15 minutes......phew!!

Now after signing the documents I realized that the forms were for prepaid connections!!! I immediately told that to the representative. He asked me to fill up two fresh forms for post paid this I got agitated and said it was their fault as they provided me the wrong forms though I mentioned that I need forms for post paid connection. As he could realize their fault, he hurriedly gave me two fresh forms and asked me just to fill up the present address and sign it. He said rest will be done. But I did not want to take any risk and filled all the required boxes in both the forms and attached two photos and signed all the documents. Then while checking my forms another representative asked me to add two lines in the present address as its mentioned in the address proof. To which I showed him that the address he was referring was my bank's address!! It took time for him to get what I was talking about!! After everything was done one person asked me whether I have my mobile with me or which I said yes. And he promptly asked me to check the SIM card number and write it down in a specific box. Though it was their duty to check their system and find out the SIM number, just due to lethargy they did not. So it is my personal opinion to avoid any hassle please carry your SIM card with you. 

The whole process got over at around 3:30 p.m!! So whenever you go to Vodafone store keep enough time in your hand to go through n number of hurdles. Also it would be better if you carry more than one document as they rejected a few ID proofs saying that they were invalid. For ID they prefer Government issued ID cards ( such as Voter ID , PAN, Passport,  Driving license, Government employee ID card etc etc.) and for address proof  ( bank pass book, letter from the HR of your company, Electricity or telephone bill etc etc.). Also carry 2 passport sized colored photographs with you.

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