Monday, November 29, 2010

Review of Mainland China @ Indiranagar, Bangalore

I had always been a fan of Main Land China when I was in Kolkata. And that is why when I came to know that in Bangalore also there is one Main Land China at Indiranagar, I could not help but indulge my taste buds into the Chinese delicacies there. So on a Sunday we went there with 6 of our friends. It was easy to find out the restaurant, as it was just next to the Indiranagar flyover on the right hand side. It would be better if you book a table on weekends, as there might be a possibility that you would have to wait. The sitting arrangement was on the first floor and it was quite cozy ambiance. They served us soft drinks, soups and starters (both veg and non veg). There were so many varieties (chicken,lamb, fish, prawn )that I was tired of taking a note of the names of the dishes. The prawn dishes were too good and also the crab one. I loved the mixed veg as it had baby corn in it.....though in the desert's corner we had a very few options, I did not mind that, as the ice cream and pastry was of my choice. While booking the table my hubby had informed them that it was a celebration for a newly wed couple. Hence they offered us a complimentary cake at the end. The buffet price was INR 525 plus tax per person. But the cuisine really worth that money. I would definitely suggest you to go and pamper your taste buds.

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