Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Review of Main Land China , Church street , Bangalore

I have already given you the review of Main Land China at Indiranagar in my earlier post. This Sunday we went to the other Main Land China that is located at Church Street. We booked our table for 12:30 p.m. , but because of the traffic we reached there a bit late. I was a little worried as I have read in reviews that once you miss your booking , you will have to wait for another half an hour or so. But it was not so in our case. We were asked to go to the first floor. The first thing that we noticed was the space. The ambiance was nice , nice decoration and helpful waiters. We went for the buffet there. The price was resonable , INR 700 per person. They served the starters at the table to avoid any crowd in the buffet. You can take one drink which is a part of the buffet , you can have soft drink or juice or lime soda or beer. In the starter we had a mix veg (baby corn , potato , mushroom and cauliflower) , a chicken preparation with bone , dim sum , a chicken and mixed veg soup with fried noodles. Do not fill yourself with the starters as there are various lovely preparations in the main course. They have kept one corner for veg recipes and the other corner as non-veg. You will get some fried rice , noodles , lamb, chicken , prawn , fish and many more there. I loved the fish in mustard sauce and the crab recipe. The sweet baby corn is always my favorite. In the salad counter you can either take whatever is kept there or ask the person standing there to make a salad of your choice. The dessert section was nice. Some pastries , flavored dry nuts , mousse were there. Do remember one thing , book your table early on weekends as after 1 p.m. all the tables were occupied and people were waiting in the lobby. Overall , the experience was nice and Main Land China rocked again :)

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  1. I love doing this too when I a have more time.. scouting for great restaurants and food. Glad you have a wonderful time :)

  2. It sounds like you had so much fun! Love hearing about your adventures. I never have time for this right now but when the kids are older I would love to!

  3. we loved the indiranagar one and their food is realllllly good.


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